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Episode Date: May 16, 2023

My No Ma'am church vs. Wholefoods, second opinions, Black people want to be first, Jon from Fishtank calls in and talks about spoiled meat, giants, slu*ts, and truck workouts, the LA Fair decisions are... this week, Boogie loses a boxing fight, Trans-Transformers, more deep fake crying, and caring about everything all at once; all that and more this week on The Dick Show.


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Starting point is 00:00:00 Oh, no, you can redo it. It's not the same. It's kind of, you should have a pipe for being wrong. I think you break in case you're wrong and then you have to put it in your pipe. It's not funny. Did I just pre-delete an episode? Yes. God damn it.

Starting point is 00:00:16 I mean, we were checking the, I didn't know it was sure we were alive. We were checking the sound, everything sound okay. And I was like, I just forgot to roll. Look at this. Somebody sent me this boogie shirt. How about that? Can you? Just fat. Oh, Jesus. Boxing ring. Wow. So this fat tub of sh*t gets in a boxing ring with another big,

Starting point is 00:00:34 large ass. Had a hundred pounds of fat fury. Yeah. There's a playing WWE tag team champions. Yeah. f*cking Yoko Zuna in title. What was the other guy's name, earthquake? Yeah, there was earthquake. Yeah, these f*cking slabs get in the ring together. Let me see if I can get a shot of this boogie versus wings. And they play buffet at each other. Play buffet rounds, I think. Look at this disgusting spectacle. Oh my god.

Starting point is 00:01:04 Oh god. Who is that? Come on. He looks like Zoyberg. Look at the section. There's Buggie. And who you know? Buggie looking svelte. I was counting on Chicklid's getting knocked out of his mouth, but his pants fell off halfway through the.

Starting point is 00:01:20 Oh my God. And then he like, oh, you know, mad respect for Buggie for showing up. Like, what do you mean mad respect for looking like this? How long? And behaving in this way. How long do the fight go? Two rounds and then the ref called it

Starting point is 00:01:33 because Boogie was just, Boogie, somebody needed to strap sandwiches on his hands so that he'd put them up by his face. Oh, really? Because he was just kind of standing there like his arms were vestigial. Maybe they are at this point. I don't know how he eats at home.

Starting point is 00:01:48 I lost respect for him after that fight. Oh, jeez. Actually. So they, so sh*t. And so she needed it. It was a stoppage, huh? They stopped it. Yeah.

Starting point is 00:01:57 The refs, these celebrity boxing things, they're always such dog sh*t. People, the guy, the headliner, the title belt, got knocked out by a f*cking elbow. So I'm like, well, in a boxing match. Yes. So because they are just flailing wildly, right? Yeah. You know, amazing event, guys. Butter bean versus butter beener. f*cking elbow man. All right, let's start this's start this thing. It's a little hot. That's a little hot.

Starting point is 00:02:26 John from Fish Tank is calling in. The top Shay for Mother's Day. Yeah, I did it too early. Yeah! Hey, welcome to the day. You on Digging Love Digging. You need it. You guys, the showers, the time cast of the Latin for Mountain

Starting point is 00:02:43 Bumpy Deep in the Huttest of the U.F. gave me a house. Stick Master's in a show of his time cast of the last from mountain bumpy Do you know how to see you failure me house? Stick masters in a bunker of sh*t joining me and so always real touring LA base committee to join the audio engineer. Hello, I got a reprieve from my self-execution. I did not get a I did not get an estimate yet. Oh, well, I will be dead when I get it. I will kill myself when I get it. So perhaps this is the last show in fact, you know, it's gonna be funny is when when I get it. So perhaps this is the last show in fact. You know what's gonna be funny is when when you did funny makes me. Yeah, suspect

Starting point is 00:03:09 right? Make you apprehensive. Yeah. You know, it's dick move. It's like how it dicks. You know, it's nice neighborhood up on the hill, right? It's like nice places a sh*t hole. You can actually save that. Yeah. Oh, what do you live on top of a sh*t haul? Yeah, I live in a sh*t haul. I live in a sh*t haul.

Starting point is 00:03:27 Yeah, you know. I thought there was everybody. I thought there was everybody. I mean, I thought someone so lives up there. I mean, no, it's a total sh*t haul. Why is the f*cking grime off of me? Yeah. Yeah.

Starting point is 00:03:36 And then you got, of course I talk about on the show, so guys, you're like, oh yeah, like, you know, my nightmare emails me like, oh yeah, I've owned about a thousand rental properties and what you're saying is no big deal. They could probably pump it out. You really want to get about 16 estimates before you. Like the process of the estimates.

Starting point is 00:03:52 The expert all of a sudden. Just, the estimate process is like, what am I gonna get? Okay, this guy says it's gonna cost $100,000. This guy says it's gonna cost $40. It's like, well, gee, I mean, I kinda don't know if that's just seems like, should I average them? Is that the cost?

Starting point is 00:04:10 Well, hopefully they come in closer than that, but, you know. Do I want them all to come in at $100,000? And then I say, oh, okay, that's right, then. Yeah, yeah. I was looking up stats on this and it's like, for doctors, it was like, it was something like 80% of second diagnosis are not the same. It was something shocking.

Starting point is 00:04:29 I don't know, maybe I have that swapped. I gotta look it up. I mean, let me see Mayo Clinic. You should always get a second and even a third opinion if it's something serious. Well, why don't I just tell the first guy, this is a second opinion. Yeah.

Starting point is 00:04:42 66% of patients had their original, oh yeah. 20, okay, so one in five is totally changed. All right, that's not as much as I can. Totally changed. Yeah, I mean, that's still a significant percentage. Yeah, I mean, you know, it's, it's a, it, it is an opinion. Yeah, second of, sometimes further. f*cking rich realtor.

Starting point is 00:05:03 And sometimes they go, no, it has to be this because it's never this You know, it's a sure it's somebody sent. I don't know This is a prize fighter is bookie bookless as they call it. That is a great sure. It's tea Hitler Top G's calling in happy mother's day wait discord not connected. Okay. I know how to fix that Wait, Discord not connected? Okay, I know how to fix that. Happy Mother's Day. There you go, my friends.

Starting point is 00:05:31 Who's Zacatilla? Is that the top J? I don't know, I guess we'll find out. He was a hard man to wrangle. Oh. Thank you for pointing that out. Happy Mother's Day. Oh yeah, it's Mother's Day.

Starting point is 00:05:45 I should do a... I should do a, honestly, I should just do like a women's sermon every week. Yeah. Mother's Day makes a sermon. Yes, a straight up sermon. Like biblical preacher style. Cermin on the Mount type stuff. Church.

Starting point is 00:06:00 Woman anti-women, he man man haters club, but a church. Okay. Church for men, right? No women allowed, and then I get up every week and do like my homily. Yeah. But it's like, listenable, unlike normal church. I go like, this week, we're talking about, and I'm black when I'm doing it, like, you're talking about keeping the women out of the whole foods.

Starting point is 00:06:21 There's a great evil, a great evil invoculating our neighborhoods. And that is the whole foods. You can hear it creeping. I gotta save the whole food to last. You gotta hear it creeping. Farm to table. All around the first they bring in the coffee shops,

Starting point is 00:06:40 then they bring in the Pilates studios. And then your wife says to you, I feel like an iceberg salad. Would you feel like a wedge salad today? Let's stop after Pilates and pick up. And I say, woman, don't you know what's in her mind and her heart is evil, whole foods and ways. So they get you the iceberg wedge.

Starting point is 00:06:59 They get you the kitchen, the kitchen, the kitchen. Bitch, I know I love blue cheese and bacon. And an acceptable way to serve that to me is on us wedge, iceberg lettuce, but bitch, don't you tell me, you want to go to Whole Foods? Don't you tell me you want to go to Whole Foods again? So I say, great, you mean at the Mexican store, right? We can pick that up at the Mexican store on the way home.

Starting point is 00:07:22 Wait, what are you picking up? A lettuce, ahead of lettuce. Oh, you really want to look in lettuce. This is a real thing that happened. Yeah. I feel like a, I feel like a wedge salad for lunch. How about you? I said, from the Mexican store, right?

Starting point is 00:07:33 And she goes, yeah. Uh, but it's so, but the whole food is so, it's so much easier to get to because you can just make a right instead of making a left across Travis. Yeah, but I think the left, yeah. I'll make, I'll shout at you as much as you need during that left. Is that the problem?

Starting point is 00:07:48 Have I not been shouting? Because I've noticed that I always have to say, why didn't you turn right then? You had tons of f*cking rush. She was driving. And then I think you're not doing it next time out of spite. And I say, you have, you could park the Titanic between you and the car that's coming up here.

Starting point is 00:08:03 Make the f*cking left. Have I not been doing that enough? I said, have I not been shouting enough in traffic? Lord, please help me to shout at this woman. I spur glad it's crunchy water. I don't understand, like the Church of No Man, just why it's a delivery system for the bouches and the bacon. That is really kind of what it is.

Starting point is 00:08:24 So we're going home hard right into the whole food. And I said, bitch. She turned this around. She racks up and ungodly. Oh, well, let's grab some fat red pizza here. Yeah. Why didn't we go to the, you don't think they have lettuce at the Mexican store? It's better here. I know what they don a lettuce at the Mexican store? It's better here. I know what they don't have at the Mexican store. Flat bread pizzas. Right, f*cking. Capuchino, a spress, sh*t.

Starting point is 00:08:53 I don't have this at the f*cking Mexican store, I know. Look, impulse buying at Whole Foods is certain death. Oh! You can give me three, 400 pounds. I had to, I can't remember the last time I was in a Whole Foods. It's been a while. I heard tales of a man who cannot even remember the last time he's been in a Whole Foods. Yeah.

Starting point is 00:09:14 Guys are fainting in the audience, you know. Oh, and there's a bunch of fat black guys and drags hanging behind me. No women in the church. Right. So you get, but you still got to have a chorus. Absolutely. No women. I went to a, my very good friend was leaving town forever. Yeah. So we celebrated by eating charcuterie.

Starting point is 00:09:33 Well, you can say who it is, can't you? Wow. Oh, okay, man, it's a story. Okay. All right. So we spent the day eating charcuterie from Whole Foods. Yeah. I mean, they find when I do it.

Starting point is 00:09:49 I mean, they got some good stuff. I mean, you don't need lettuce from Whole Foods. Don't f*cking con me. Right. Don't you f*cking lie to me. I know that you won't, I know that you need a three figure bill at least. Dude, a f*cking regular store is a three figure bill here. Isn't it outrageous?

Starting point is 00:10:06 f*cking, it's f*cking insane. Have you seen that bridge full of Mexicans coming into the country? Um, have you seen that mob like, yeah, I can white walkers or the orcs? What the f*cking Lord of the Rings three? Have you seen that sh*t? I don't know if I've seen this particular Mexican mob coming immigration. I don't know what to search for. f*cking nightmare.

Starting point is 00:10:27 Fuel, is that it? No, no, no, no, it's somebody sent me the new picture. It's funny that we were talking about invasions last week and then this was like the first thing that. They're, yeah. Well, it's amazing. My mama Mia. Wait, Guatemala.

Starting point is 00:10:43 In Guatemala. I don't Uh, in Guatemala. I don't know. I think they're, they're here because the COVID like, well, yeah, because it, it, it that expired. The COVID let's treat this country like a country and stop illegal people from coming in. Well, that's what expires. Well, it allowed them, it allowed them to support them like immediately without holding them for any, yeah, it's like you come in, you go back. Like what you'd, how you think it would work.

Starting point is 00:11:05 That's how it's been for the last three years and that expires for some reason. Yeah. Because it was done under, under COVID, you know what I mean? Maybe the city will let me connect back to the septic tank now. Now that COVID's over. I hope so. I doubt it.

Starting point is 00:11:19 I hope you have it too. I'm not f*cking doubt it. Cause they're like, ooh, here's some. Cash. That's the worst email I could get is, you'll probably be fine, just pump it. So you're telling me I could possibly not spend whatever you say.

Starting point is 00:11:31 What in the sense? Pump what? The pit, the sh*thole. My house. Isn't it all like just everyone? And I will fool you out with the, isn't it just, I mean, No, it's a thing that is designed to do what it does.

Starting point is 00:11:41 Sounds dumb. It's not just like a cavern that they've found and then pumped sh*t in there. It's like built to, you know, disperse it. I don't know. What's it lined with? So it's like a sort of fitness. A sort of fitness.

Starting point is 00:11:55 Oh God. That's what you're backed by. Major. Major update it backed by, slash the Dixho or just go to backed up by, try it out. Try it out. It's Patreon on the blockchain. You literally cannot be canceled by us by anyone.

Starting point is 00:12:17 It's impossible. The parallel economy that conservatives are pretending they built is retarded and it's all still going through payment processors. It will chop your balls off whenever they feel like it. And they think it's funny. Yeah. So try back by we're moving it. You can use your credit card, you can use your email.

Starting point is 00:12:34 You don't have to f*ck around with crypto stuff. Use your f*cking email. Sign up. Just for fun. Just do me a favor and try it out. Will you? Go on your f*cking phone. All right.

Starting point is 00:12:44 Happy Mother's day. Happy Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day. You should credit card, we're trying to do it so the credit card is recurring too. But you know, this stuff takes time. Yeah. Takes time to move 20 years worth of infrastructure

Starting point is 00:12:56 over to a new currency. You know, so wait, is that the shot? It's not even here? No, no, it's, I don't know what I saw. Mexico. No, doubt. I mean, it's got immigration. It's got a lot of fun. Yeah, it's got I mean, it's they've been saying it's yeah, here we go. Yeah. Um, I don't know. I don't care about that sh*t. The LA fair is Wednesday. They're deciding if I hope I'm, I hope I, yeah, they decide if my girlfriend's picture is dog sh*t or not or a winner. Her picture of pizza. She

Starting point is 00:13:37 entered into the, yeah, you're me and Randy entered a tile mosaic masterpiece. That's right. Everyone made that Johnny f*cking gay asshole made fun of. Okay. For no reason. Right. Because he was on too much f*cking weed. So he was smoking too much weed and his f*cking eyeballs are scrambled. So he thought it looked like sh*t. Yeah.

Starting point is 00:13:58 Which it doesn't. Right. That's at the LA fair right now being exhibited, probably delighting old Mexican ladies with its attention to tile craftsmanship and its celebration of LA. There's a big LA on it, so you're not confused at the skyline. They're looking at. If you're in case you're an idiot. Yeah, you're not sure. Randy didn't want that on there, but I'm like, what the f*ck are you talking about? Yeah. Well, of course we have to put a giant LA Dodgers logo on here. What we should only put that on here.

Starting point is 00:14:30 People should be the entire artwork. People think it's f*cking Hong Kong. So that's the committee is deciding who gets first place in the art awards at the fair. The committee. Wednesday. I don't know what is the deal with the committee. I don't know what makeup they are, a background they're from. Yeah, but I'm going to, if I don't win, I'm going to find out and hunt them down.

Starting point is 00:14:53 Yeah. Well, I mean, my car. Was that, is that sound reasonable to you? Judge speaking, this whole thing. Just give me the f*cking award. I deserve the award more than any of the other people there because I put too much work into it. Yeah.

Starting point is 00:15:13 And I need to be rewarded for that. Right. In a small way. And none of those other people have had it as hard as me number one and accidentally put too much work into something. Right. But they out of spite. Duped by yourself. Because their girlfriend entered their stupid picture into the...

Starting point is 00:15:29 Yeah. What if the pizza wins? I mean, it will be a big loss for me. Yeah. In this house. You would have forced a shop at Whole Foods. Yeah, I'll have, I'll have significant... If her...

Starting point is 00:15:43 Are you eating f*cking $15 to make pieces of iceberg lettuce. It's the same f*ck it's the same sh*t. Yeah. You think that there's like fancy lettuce that they give whole foods and then the Mexican store gets like sh*tty lettuce that fell off the truck and they're just scrambling around. Yeah. Picking it off the ground. Well, do you know the f*cking same? The sentence that I don't think anyone has ever said prior to 80s girl was I feel like a wedge salad for lunch. Like really? Yeah, like because normally if you do something like that, you'll be at like a restaurant and you'll be looking like,

Starting point is 00:16:17 oh, I kind of find it so, oh, the wedge looks good, but like just to come out up with it out of kind of thinner, you know, I feel like a wedge salad. And there was no, I got a hankering for a wedge salad. A wedge salad. There was no appetizer either. She may spend all this time working and I thought she was making lunch and then I sit down and she's like, okay, lunch is served. So I eat the salad, the wedge salad,

Starting point is 00:16:37 and I'm like, all right, where's the food? Yeah, that was it. Yeah. What a f*cking great practical joke that you've pulled on me today. I'm going to McDonald's. A wedge salad for lunch Well, I thought there was gonna be real food too. Yeah. Yeah, that salad usually comes. It's like hey

Starting point is 00:16:50 There's gonna be more. Yeah, because you get that like a big steak. Yeah, yeah, I saw just a wed salad Right, and then she chopters all up right away like what are you doing? You're supposed to chop it into a piece and eat it I chop it all up now now you just made a salad. You're like cutting up steak. How the f*ck are you thinking? Cutting up steak for a kid. Yeah. And so my brothers, we bow our heads.

Starting point is 00:17:16 So I was my very dear friend and I, we're celebrating his last night in town. By going to a gentleman's club. Sure, that's what I would expect. As gentleman. As gentleman. A gentleman's club. Sure, that's what I would expect. As gentleman. As gentleman. A gentleman's club where we could drink. Yeah.

Starting point is 00:17:28 And we get picked up in an Uber on the way home. I think I coast. I don't know why he said this. He pulls out and he goes, oh, so what is, he was the Asian guy, he goes, oh, so what is that a gay strip prop? No way. Can stop laughing. Really?

Starting point is 00:17:49 Can James and games with women all like all over it? You know, I mean, they're not subtle about what they're what they have in there. Oh, no. No, they're subtle as they're legally required to be. Yes. So what is that the gay strip club? What are you talking about? Why would you be saying that?

Starting point is 00:18:04 Why would it be a gay strip club? What are you talking about? Why would you be saying that? Why would it be a gay strip club? Yeah. First of all, what is a gay strip club? Men taking their, men don't really do strip clubs for other men. They just go f*ck each other. They're all hot and they go to West Hollywood and go on poppers and have anonymous ass sex in back rooms.

Starting point is 00:18:24 Men strip club, their go-go dancers Well, they're for women, right? Like I mean like a game that no, I know exactly. That's what I'm yeah, I agree What do you mean it's a demands strip club? Yeah that we're coming out of as he confused with like gay bar So, I mean, what do we do we give off gay vibes to you? That's, you know, that's what I mean. That's what I mean. That's what I mean. That's what I mean. That's what I mean.

Starting point is 00:18:56 That's what I mean. That's what I mean. That's what I mean. That's what I mean. That's what I mean. That's what I mean. That's what I mean. That's what I mean.

Starting point is 00:19:04 That's what I mean. That's what I mean. That's what I mean. That's what I mean. That's what I mean. Oh, is that a gay strip graph? No. So he goes, I heard you guys, he goes, are you gay? And he goes, Hey, what is that? He's like, you just asked us if we were the gay strip graph. What do you think? He turned Italian.

Starting point is 00:19:13 Hey, what are you asking that for? Oh, f*cking. Is that normal where you're from? Is that normal conversation? Yeah. Hey, what does that the gay strip graph? Yeah, no.

Starting point is 00:19:24 Yeah. He's practicing his English. Yeah, what does that, a gay strip? Yeah. No. Yeah. He's practicing his English. Yeah, they throw on, they put all the women on it to throw off the scent. Right. You know, so it doesn't get too crowded in there. Just see all the gay stuff we're doing in there. Yeah.

Starting point is 00:19:36 Yeah. Yeah. Jesus. So if you're on the L.A. Fair Committee, vote for my tile thing, not for any pictures of pizza that you see. Right. Because that's bogus.A. Fair Committee vote for my tile thing, not for any pictures of pizza that you see. Right. Because that's bogus. And that was entered spitefully.

Starting point is 00:19:50 Mine was entered out of love. Mine and Randy's was entered out of love. And it is against the rules for two people to work on something. So never mind that I said that last part. He was there. He was your muse. He was my muse. Yeah.

Starting point is 00:20:01 Here it is, Sean. Here's the, okay. The end of the Republic. This is the end of it. Yeah, this is it. They finally did it. They finally toppled the empire. Yeah, excuse me.

Starting point is 00:20:15 Fat people will be protected from discrimination under a law passed in New York. Yeah, that's it. I wish I had the Howard Stern sad tap sound. Or how do you mean you're good? That's what this is gonna have to prove, right? Discrimination based on fatness. I mean, how could you not prove that?

Starting point is 00:20:35 Your jury is fat women. The judge is a fat woman. The bailiff is a fat woman. The lawyers are fat women. You're just a guy who discriminates against fat women. Yeah. So can I can I go to jail now if I just show up in New York? Am I allowed to be there? I don't know. I mean, maybe at least a fine. Do I have to find, do I have to just like any woman who approaches me in New York? I got to buy them some chicken wings or something. But you haven't discriminated against anybody. You haven't stopped in action or anything

Starting point is 00:21:04 like that, right? I mean, you feel, I don't know. Probably, I don't think stuff, but, you know, have I not? I don't think, I mean, I think discrimination is like an action, you know, I mean. Yeah, like, hey, you fat bitch, like that. I don't see his ass. That's caused me irreparable mental harm. Yeah, possibly.

Starting point is 00:21:22 I'm not fat, I'm 300 pounds. Right. I look great for my size. I get those two mixed up sometimes. Yeah, sorry. Yeah. Hey, you 300 pound bitch, thank you. That's better. That'll be my sermon next week

Starting point is 00:21:36 at the man at the woman hating church. You should follow up. Oh, that's how you keep the congregation. You know, it's like, you talk about what's the drop off from week one to two in a movie, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. All for comics or online comics.

Starting point is 00:21:50 Yeah, yeah, exactly. Everybody goes and sees it. See, they're good or bad. Yeah. Does it have legs or not? Next week I'll be talking about the fat women. Yeah, there are guys who be like, yes. Oh!

Starting point is 00:22:04 There's black people in audience too. They don't even care that I'm doing the voice, because they're so on your side. Yeah, because they're like, yeah, that's awesome. A controversial bill protecting fat people from weight discrimination has been passed in New York. The bill, which is set to be signed into law by Democrat Adams this month,

Starting point is 00:22:23 would outlaw discrimination on the basis of a person's height or weight. Or weight. Sean, this is about, so you can't be body discrimination. Too tall. Too tall. Your eyes are too blue. If your arms are, if one arm is longer than the other one, all these things, and also two front throwing that in,

Starting point is 00:22:52 and also 600 pounds. Or weight. See, it's not just about weight. Yes, this is not just about fat people crying, like always, if minute bull were alive, he could sue everyone everywhere in the state. Yeah, can I can you sue can like a midget sue the nicks for not getting you can probably be sued for saying the M word. Oh, I couldn't. Yeah. That's too much. Yeah. Um,

Starting point is 00:23:31 but it has already triggered outrage in some quarters with Republican council members saying it will empower people to sue anyone and everything. Yeah. No sh*t. Oh, wow. this is the bill sponsor. What a shocker. Yeah. She's the size of a boat. The bill councilman Sean Abru, one of the bill's main sponsors said he realized weight discrimination was a silent burden after he was treated differently when he gained more than 40 pounds during lockdown. What? That's- That's- That's-

Starting point is 00:24:07 That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's-

Starting point is 00:24:15 That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's-

Starting point is 00:24:23 That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- That's-, you said, but you're not like, oh my God, there's like, he's doing fat face. He's doing fat face. He's pretending to be fat because he knows there's so many followers. There's a fat appropriation for sure. Yeah, let's see what this f*cking pig looks like. Oh, you f*cker. There's no way you face any fat discrimination. Right, right. You f*cking liar, god damn. Yeah, what kind of discrimination could a guy who looks perfectly average by getting 40 pounds experience? What could he possibly f*cking liar?

Starting point is 00:24:55 Yeah. Okay, he's skinnier than sh*t. Yeah, like, I mean, he's a little porky probably. He's a little pudgy, but. At 40 or pants, have a year. Nobody goes, hey, no, no, that fat a little porky probably. He's a little pudgy, but. At 40, your parents have a year. Nobody goes, hey, no, no, that fat guy over there. Yeah. You know, you'd have to be, you'd have to really figure it out.

Starting point is 00:25:14 It's just, it's just evil. It's just weird. Honestly, it's just f*cking weird. Like, do you know how f*cked it is going to be that instead of crying on TikTok, all of these fat pigs can just go use Kevin Landau to sue anyone and everything for how fat they are. The things that they say and everything's coming up Landau. Martin Luther's, ask, list of grievances with white culture or whatever for a cause of their fat, make less and less like evolving into total obscenility and absurdity. The idea that they could put this in a legal document and file it against anyone and everyone for any f*cking reason, a creature that has no concept of accountability to begin with is going to collect their fat grievances into

Starting point is 00:26:06 a, uh, into a, into an infinity page document and submit it to the f*cking court. And that this is, this is what we're going to spend money doing. And f*cking assing on it. But they're going to say, you know, is it's, people are going to be sued, I think, because a place is not fat friendly. Yeah. Not, it's like, it's going to be, you should have done more, not you didn't let me. You need a section is not fat friendly. Yeah. It's like, it's gonna be, you should have done more, not you didn't let me.

Starting point is 00:26:28 You need a section with f*cking couches. We're gonna have handicap parking, but in every restaurant and theater. There's gonna be a big section of luxury couches and pot and bath tubs. Yeah. That you are not allowed to sit in unless you're 600 pounds.

Starting point is 00:26:42 Pretty soon somebody's gonna be like, ah, there's a normal space right there. No, God, f*ck somebody pulled in. You know, like the normal, there's a normal, everything else is gonna be 90% handicap. Yeah. I'm gonna super, we need a job. No, I can't, yeah, my office,

Starting point is 00:26:56 I just pulled into the f*cking handicap space for a minute. Yeah. A minute, you are not fat enough to be in there. I swear to God, I just ran in. Just ran in. I just ran in. It's like, no, the f*cking normal spaces are across the street behind the dumpster. You got to walk.

Starting point is 00:27:13 I don't want to walk in. You see his f*ck, this sized f*ck. We need to drunk rides. The same is the fat rights activists. You get drunk rights activists. The problem is alcohol works better than eating. Ah, gotcha. I mean, Amast, we're not crying about everything all day

Starting point is 00:27:30 about how the world owes us. It's always apologizing. Drunk people, always apologizing. Fat people, never one. Never one time apologize. Consider it. Not even eating the whole last pizza. Man.

Starting point is 00:27:41 Never once were you getting an apology from a fatso. Yeah. Let's see. Pizza. Man. Never once were you getting an apology from a fatso. Yeah. Um. Hmm. Let's see. Oh my gosh. Oh man, speaking of Landau, Kevin Landau, we got to do a bonus episode and read the rest of his complaint against me.

Starting point is 00:27:56 Oh yeah. Um, we barely got into it. I mean, we got into it but not. Yeah. I had to file a response. Yeah. Last week or the 10th, when was that? Yeah. We got into it but not yeah. I had to file a response. Yeah Last week or the 10th when was that yeah f*ck you Yeah, basically yeah, I wrote a version that was spicy, but then I took all that sh*t out

Starting point is 00:28:14 I don't want to lose the I want to lose this still. You run a buy anybody or no, I'm gonna waste anybody's time with that sh*t. Yeah The stuff he oh, I sent it to all the lawyers Yeah, yeah, I know cuz I check gonna die sh*t. Yeah, yeah. The stuff, oh, I sent it to all the lawyers. He's a joke, like check this funny sh*t. Right, right, right, right. It's doing, right? Because he goes through, Land Out goes through like all the steps he went through to find who, like, who Kevinay Land belongs to.

Starting point is 00:28:37 And this is his brother right filing it on his brother. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And he, like, got this, he got some, this dumb woman, like this digital marketing woman to help him figure it out. Yeah. The way he describes it is like, they gave her the runaround,

Starting point is 00:28:51 and they wouldn't just take the, take the content off the internet. They gave her the runaround. They gave her the runaround. Yeah, yeah, it's not yours. Right. It doesn't belong to you. That's right.

Starting point is 00:29:02 What are you talking about? Of course, they, when does that ever happen? You think it's eminent domain, and you just, you know, they gave you the run around. Yeah. What you're proposing is just like for the public or a theft. What you're proposing is aesonine. And then I found out it cost him a thousand bucks to file it. Oh, good. Because he has to pay the internet police, the internet, the people who like do domain registrations. You got to pay them to arbitrate it.

Starting point is 00:29:31 So they have to make it, they have to read his complaint and then my response, and then decide who gets the domain. Yeah. Yeah. So it should be fun. And he doesn't get a thousand bucks back. I could just say, yeah, have it and have your thousand bucks back. Obviously I didn't do that.

Starting point is 00:29:47 No, because at least you're gonna get a thousand out of it. That's funny. Hmm. Good sh*t. It's extra funny is one of the things, I didn't know this. One of the requirements for like if you register to domain in a bad faith, is if you try to sell it to them. That, yeah, I mean, that makes sense. I know that happens. in a bad, in bad faith is if you try to sell it to them.

Starting point is 00:30:05 That, yeah, I mean, that makes sense. I know that happens. Yeah. So then they can say, well, just, you lose it because you tried to do that. You try to f*ck up the internet. Yeah. So it's, if somebody has the, you know, they somehow they get what the next big thing is. Yeah.

Starting point is 00:30:19 And by the time they, people get around, you know, something blew up, whatever. Yeah. And it's like, you know, they've got to say, you know, the Beatles band dot com, you know, something like, uh, we said, we're quite quick enough. Well, so then I found this out. He trademarked his name, Kevin A. Landau, and then said, well, yeah, this is violating my trademark. So I looked up the trademark law and you have to be, you have to be a known name to,

Starting point is 00:30:45 you can't just trademark your name for no reason. Oh, is that right? Yeah, wow, that's what I found. I looked up. I mean, I'm sure the chat GBD told me. And then it said somebody else in the world probably has my name. Well, that's what, so that's what I said on my response.

Starting point is 00:30:59 I said, not only is the trade, this is bogus, but the trademark is bogus because not only are there many Kevin Landows, like he's no Caesar Milan, right? Yeah, he's not only are there many Kevin Landows, there's other Kevin Landows lawyers. I know. And he's not going after any of them.

Starting point is 00:31:14 So it's not a f*cking valid trademark. You're not close to unique. Yeah, even in your own profession anyway. Yeah. Looking forward to the decision they're gonna, they're gonna make on that. Oh, here's to be fun. Here's a trans stuff.

Starting point is 00:31:30 I know people enjoy that. Do they? Yeah, I enjoy it to a degree. I enjoy making fun of it to a degree. Yeah. Not all the time. I didn't like to be your thing. There's just certain things no matter what they are, who they affect, some aspects of basically

Starting point is 00:31:48 everything needs to be made fun of. Yeah. Like it just does. It's like, come on, that's f*cking insane. You should have every right I do. But this is f*cking stupid. Like you're weaponizing it. That needs to be made fun of.

Starting point is 00:32:03 Even like every group has one or two guys that's like, okay, this f*cking clown. Probably like 10% of people in every group are the assholes. Oh yeah, yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah, this was a funny headline. We need to be taken care of first. Chicago community where 97% voted for Biden,

Starting point is 00:32:23 react furiously after finding out 500 migrants are headed their way. Yeah, that's good. We need to be taking care of first. Yeah, good luck with that. Yeah. Oh, wow. We have such a good history of taking care of certain people, right? Whoops. I've said they'll get right on it. Yeah, sure. We need to be taking care of first. Yeah, okay. Or else what? Oh, sorry, didn't yeah, or else what? You're gonna what? Right, right, right, not yeah. Or else what, you're gonna what? Right, right, not vote. Right, they already signed your f*cking votes. So you don't really have a f*cking choice, do you? What are you gonna do? Right, I don't know.

Starting point is 00:32:54 Get, steal from Walmart, get Walmart to move out of your town. Sure. f*ck that up. Have fun. Let's see. Oh yeah, I was pulling up the Transformers thing. Do do do do. Let's see. AI horror.

Starting point is 00:33:13 I really named these articles great this week. Did you? Woman crying about deep fake news. Yeah, I want to talk about that too. Okay. Oh yeah, okay. Here's the Transformers thing. This is a Transformers cartoon.

Starting point is 00:33:28 Cartoon's have changed a lot since when we were kids. They have. Although not, not really. So I'll play this. Playing it, I was like, wow, that's pretty wild that they would do this at a cartoon. But then I was thinking about our cartoons how they were always like, don't do drugs and recycle.

Starting point is 00:33:45 Well, yeah, they've been doing this just for a long time. It was the dare decade, you know? I mean, that's what I remember where, like, they gave you the red ribbons at school or whatever for like the day, you know, that kind of sh*t. Like, it really was like the war on drugs and it's been such a huge backfire failure, just an outrageous failure. So that it's, it's, people will say it's not the same because they're rejecting my identity of a drug abuser.

Starting point is 00:34:13 There you go. But it's the same for a cartoon to tell me that as a kid, try to groom me into not doing drugs when I am f*cking doing drugs, dude. Right. Guess what? I am. Fred Flintstone is the only real one that was smoking, threatening his wife. Yeah.

Starting point is 00:34:30 And then ever since then, there we go. My pronouns are David. She's got this little girl has her as a shield up against the robot rapist. The they have trans transformer rapist that's they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they,

Starting point is 00:34:53 they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they Thanks. It looked like she was about to just start laughing hysterically. Like, he was gonna hit her? Yeah. Uh-oh. This is Transformers? Yeah, it's dumb now. Amazing city. So many kids to groan.

Starting point is 00:35:16 I'm sorry for how I reacted. It's just... sometimes the world... Alright, does it get any better? A scary place. It's hard to know who's dangerous or not. That's true. They'll disappoint you.

Starting point is 00:35:39 Hey! So clumsy. I don't know if safe when I'm with my friends or other non-binary people Oh my god People who aren't female or male Oh my god, I'm sure I shouldn't assume I always knew my pronouns so bright This is f*cking for real?

Starting point is 00:36:02 This is literally, this is a transformer series. Yeah, and then Optimus Prime comes in and like acts like a f*cking goofball. Like, oh, well, that's all uncomfortable and weird. Like someone's dad, really? Yeah, yeah. Oh, f*ck, let me try my best. It's here, here, here.

Starting point is 00:36:19 It's how he was raised. Yeah. Black, black, black. Oh, I'm sorry. Martin, can you switch? raised. Yeah. Look, look, look. Come in switch. Nice. It's going down. He or she just doesn't fit who I am.

Starting point is 00:36:35 My apologies. There is. I Oh, man. Oh, geez. That's so clumsy. So the trans, yeah, the decepticons are so clumsy. So, the decepticons are so clumsy. So, the decepticons are so clumsy.

Starting point is 00:37:03 So, the decepticons are so clumsy. So the trans, yeah, the decepticons are a bunch of hom*ophobes. Yeah, clearly transphobes. Right. I guess. Star-screws. Yeah. My apologies. Right. They have you acting?

Starting point is 00:37:21 Oh, oh, yeah, who is? Oh, geez. Huh, please don't report me to HR if I f*ck up your, yeah, all right. Did I call you, dude? Oh, I hope that doesn't make you kill yourself. Oh. God forbid he says it to a fat one.

Starting point is 00:37:38 Ha, ha, ha, ha. It's extra funny because I remember the, I remember what that did to us. And when we were kids, when the cartoons would say, drugs are bad, man, I would say, how about you go f*ck yourself? Don't you ever f*cking tell me what to do? You work for me.

Starting point is 00:37:55 Right. I don't work for you. I buy your toys for me. They're dirt cheap for you work for me here, okay? I run this town. I'll turn the channel at any time I don't f*cking care. Don't you ever tell me what to think or how to think? Um, I have a feeling it's gonna be get a backfire a little bit. I don't know. I mean, that's yeah

Starting point is 00:38:17 bunch of gay robots telling black little black girls. Yeah, right You know kids you know, little boys see when they see girls on cartoons get this sh*t off the television put on something else. Yeah, yeah, it's a girl show. Get the f*cking get rid of it. Yeah. What makes you say that sucks. Stum, they don't do anything. They just sit around gossiping about f*cking nothing. Get rid of it. Uncle, get rid of it. Change it. Right. Change it.

Starting point is 00:38:45 Change it over changing you. You're gonna have new pronouns. Yeah. Get the remote old man. Optimus Prime is a boomer bigot. That's it. It all went wrong with RC. That hot bitch robot, the pink and white one.

Starting point is 00:39:03 Oh. All went wrong. Just to show about dudes fighting over energy on just to show about Israel and Palestine, no big deal. Yep. Spike, there's kind of teaching you in the world. World history, you know, yeah. So always been a war between the Jews and everybody else. And nothing said it like the Transformers did. And now, I can, they f*cked it all up. Which side was the Jewels? What's up for you to decide? I see the Jewish Transformers.

Starting point is 00:39:34 Oy, me! Star, maschuguna instead of star-scree. Yeah. Yeah. A robo-moil, like, oh God. Is that funny? star screen. Yeah. A Robo loyal like, Oh God. Hey, is that funny? Sure. Optimus Prime, the mental pharmac transforms

Starting point is 00:39:54 yeah, into that bird and that flies that drone that goes around. Right. Okay. Well, that was humorous. Thanks for that. Some woman crying about deep fake news. Yeah. Yeah, they really, they're really offended by that. Oh, I don't actually have it on here.

Starting point is 00:40:18 What are we calling on? Does Skype work for you? I'll ask him. John G. John G. John G. John, that's who's calling again? John Tent. John with the John Tent. Yeah, I need to load up a thing.

Starting point is 00:40:36 Got it. All these ladies are crying that they're being deep faked. Yeah. They've been deep faking us for years. Every time a woman says that guy is a small dick, they're doing a deep fake of us and everyone else's brain. So each sh*t, if we're photoshopping your head on a naked body, but using computers to do it.

Starting point is 00:40:58 Oh, look, watch this. Uh, imagine Michelle Obama naked. Oh, how about that deep fake? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, she has a dick. Oh, God about that deep fake? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, she has a dick. Oh, God. That's not how I imagine. Oh, well, don't deep fake your sh*t over here, Sean.

Starting point is 00:41:12 Okay, let's see here. Elliott says, I just had five out of five women screw this up. Oh, boy. Yeah, this is another breakthrough in men's science. Yeah. Yeah. This graphic, all right, breakthrough in men's science. Yeah. This graphic, all right, I want you to tell me this. I'm gonna put it on the screen.

Starting point is 00:41:33 Are these shapes, are these two figures the same, except for their orientation? So it's a bunch of boxes. They're a bunch of cubes connected to each other, making like a weird squiggle shape out of cubes. Like, like, I don't know how else to describe it. A bunch of cubes stuck used to make like a orientation, like a bunch of like a pipe looking thing. Are these shapes the same? No. No. Are these two figures? So here's a, A and A. I thought you meant A versus B. No, no, no, no. Are these two figures the same except for their orientation?

Starting point is 00:42:10 So just do A first. Are these two figures the same? Yes, they are. Yeah, are now are these two figures the same except for their orientation? I'll give you some thinking talking, even though that's the worst kind of distraction you can have.

Starting point is 00:42:26 Yeah, yeah, if you just tip that one up, answer is yes. Yes. Five out of five women. Wrong. Really? Yeah. Oh, wow. Can't do it.

Starting point is 00:42:36 It's a little bit more complicated than the water one, because the water one, yeah, yeah, you see every day. Sure. But, sure. Same, same hilarious, same hilarious outcome. I've actually never seen one. I've never seen it see there. Yeah. Sure. Same, same hilarious. Same hilarious outcomes. I've actually never seen one. I've never seen it see there.

Starting point is 00:42:47 Yeah. Apparently it's, I don't know who this scientist is, the government probably got him. He's doing all this women busting. Yeah. Zach says, a rage for you, pronoun hypocrites. Hedict zone, don't read my name. Whoops, what makes me a rage is pronoun hypocrites.

Starting point is 00:43:03 I know this topic has been done to death lately, but I'm attending a prestigious acting school in the UK. And as part of it, they often bring in industry professionals to hold workshops and tutor us. Probably molest you too. No, no, not immigration office. Let's see if I can get this boy upgraded. Do do do do do do do do do do do. As you can imagine, being the double whammy of arts and an academic institution, they get some very fruity characters being brought in. None of which I have a problem with.

Starting point is 00:43:33 What do I do have a problem with? Is it every time they come in, they ask the class to introduce themselves with a heavy emphasis on pronouns and hey, we don't assume pronouns in this space. This is a safe space. So I swallow my pride and do the whole he, him bullsh*t. Oh God.

Starting point is 00:43:49 It's all about that he, him bullsh*t. When I introduced myself to save a self-righteous, retarded rant about gender identity, for the entire term, the instructor refers to me with gender-neutral, they, them pronouns the whole time. Yeah. It is just a way to call straight men gay. Yeah.

Starting point is 00:44:04 Because liberals can't call you gay. Liberals can't say ableless slurs, so they just use medical ones as slurs. Like, though, instead of calling you retarded, they'll call you a psychopath. Okay. Like, it's the same thing, but it's like, oh, you're a psychopath. Like, okay, just say, retarded moron. Like, just say the bad word. Yeah, you're saying an insult.

Starting point is 00:44:27 You're not a doctor. Right. Yes, it's an insult. Yeah. So they just made up this whole pronoun thing to call straight guys gay all the time. Well, they them, oh, what are your pronouns? In some circles, like I imagine this circle,

Starting point is 00:44:43 it would probably, you know that if you're like, my pronouns are he, him, there's a few people going, and it's probably a bigot. Right? Yeah. Because it's not like, no, it should be like, they, them, you know, that's like,

Starting point is 00:44:57 oh no, I'm totally open. It's like, if you're a guy and you say he, him, they're probably like, oh, okay. Yeah. You're one of those. There's nothing good about you. You're one of those bands. You know, okay. He's one of those. He's one of those. There's nothing good about you. You're one of those bands. You know that thought.

Starting point is 00:45:07 You're one of those decepticons, huh? Two people's minds. So I swallow my pride. For the entire term, the instructor refers to me with gender neutral, yeah, yeah, yeah. Which is like, yeah, who cares? Except you made this big song and dance about everyone putting them in this retarded, contrived introduction situation. Right.

Starting point is 00:45:23 And you don't honor it. By the way, this has nothing to do with this, has nothing to do with trans identity. It's a bunch of straight people playing f*cking games with each other. Yeah, I mean, you know. What's the point of you asking if you're just gonna verbally chop my co*ck and balls off?

Starting point is 00:45:37 Anyway, this has happened multiple times with multiple unrelated outside instructors. Academics are f*cked, the arts are f*cked, only five more months until I graduate with my masters. Cool. What have I done to myself? $37,000 in the whole. For a year of indoctrination and a funny accent.

Starting point is 00:45:55 Get f*cked. I'm gonna funny, learn how to do accents. Oh, Z is his name. Tiny Weiner says, pouring in your mind equals p*rn on a computer. If imagining a deepfake of someone is the same as watching an AI generated deepfake, does that mean that someone with a photographic memory who accidentally saw a chilled popcorn? I think he means something else.

Starting point is 00:46:19 As equally as guilty of possessing it as they had it on their hard drive and they need to get a lobotomy to comply with the law. Please advise. Yeah, I mean, you got, there's just a lot of problems with the way that child p*rn is being artificially generated. Child p*rn is being a, I think people forgot that the problem is that the, the problem here is abusing kids, which is infinitely worse than the, than all the rest of it. The abusing kids is the horrendous part, right?

Starting point is 00:46:49 So, if you found a way to get around that, please God, please God do it. Do I like it? No. But infinitely higher in magnitude is the crime versus the evidence of the crime, infinitely higher. I would take an infinity of the evidence if the crime were to, were preventable in any way, in any way. Because only one thing destroys a kid's life. Yeah.

Starting point is 00:47:16 You know? Well, what if the other, the kid doesn't know about it. What if the AI had born leads to more? I mean, I don't know, man, lucky you were going to find out because there's no way for you to stop it. So because I'm just, people are just f*cking imagining it all the time anyway. Okay. Oh, yeah, top G. Is he here? Does he have the role? He might need to refresh. Get this motherf*cker in the live show. I'm surprised. Motherf*cker. Unsuppress this motherf*cker. Unsupp show. I see, I'm suppressed. I'm suppressed. I'm suppressed this motherf*cker.

Starting point is 00:47:48 I'm suppressed him in my house. My whole fruits, three house, whole foods, three house. I'm proud to announce today that my house is free of whole foods. I no longer eat $37 pizza bread. My almonds cost two cents a piece. Is that high for almonds? My iceberg is located next to the spicy peanuts at the liquor store. My the packaging on my snacks looks like it's from the 90s has fake wood veneer and a colorful illustration of a meadow Not a logo that was designed by Google not a sans serif fault But a real old fashioned almond font that looks like a sign on blue hanging over a meadow for no reason

Starting point is 00:48:47 I could do this all day. I didn't value ranch. Jadae, Max Chudd said, I liked what you said about willpower versus treating yourself like a slave in the last episode. I've been struggling with that for a while. Yeah, it's easier. John R. says, why are J's always so desperate to promote, equivocate, and defend degenerate causes, ridiculous twisting logic about freedom. I think he's, he means Jews.

Starting point is 00:49:16 Ridiculous twisting logic about, I think he's calling me a J. Really? Yeah, maybe he means like a G, like top G. Yeah, maybe it's a compliment. Well, it's, you know, they're not that far apart on the keyboard. Ridiculous twisting logic about freedom equals slavery. Life is pure misery and then you die. Well, I may not know about pure.

Starting point is 00:49:38 It's more, the worst part about it is that the temptation of happiness is always right there and you always get it. That's much worse than just pure misery. That's why hell doesn't make any sense. Yeah. Hell only makes sense to you retards who don't understand the whole, the concept of like anguish and how people acclimatize themselves to whatever hell you, they're used to. Like this, the nature of our existence right now with these corpses and scarcity is compared

Starting point is 00:50:08 to what we're going to have like thousands of years from now is torture. It's got some torture. Go back, go back in time, 2000 years and tell those guys like, well, you know, you got to look on the bright side of life, right? Yeah. Complain, Kovetch, complain, truly the destroyer bagel epitomized. Okay, bud. Well, you already got something that works for you.

Starting point is 00:50:26 So there you go. There you go. Yeah, there you go. You already figured it out. Don't worry. Don't take it then if it doesn't f*ckin' fit your shoes, Cinderella. If the shoe doesn't fit. There he is.

Starting point is 00:50:36 Top G. Unmute this motherf*cker. Hey, how you guys doing? Yeah. Top G. What's up, man? I'm being pretty good. What about you guys? You doing pretty good. You, um, your audio sounds exactly like Andrew Tate's audio

Starting point is 00:50:52 did when he first called into this show. Do you remember that, Sean? Well, yeah, he's a big cavern. Andrew Tate was in a big, this was before he was a big, like meme superstar. He called in from a f*cking warehouse. Concrete floor, I think it was the place, right? It was the car down to be his house before he renovated it. Talking like he was in a f*cking wind tunnel.

Starting point is 00:51:14 How you doing, man? Tell the audience about yourself. You were just on Fish Tank, Sam Hyde's reality show. Tell everybody about yourself and what you're all about for a moment. Is there anything specific you guys want to know about me? Well, I'm just in January. Yeah, you're the John. I enjoyed your John tent on fish tank.

Starting point is 00:51:38 What was that like? Was that stressful? I'm not too sure if I could talk too much about fisting, just because about the NDA. You got an NDA? I think Sam would be okay with you telling us a little bit about Sam Hides called in here too. I think he'd be okay with saying that it was stressful or not. I don't think he will.

Starting point is 00:52:01 I'm pretty sure the audience could tell my emotions. It's not that too hard to tell. But I was told directly by producers not to actually got in trouble the first day I was out and I slipped up. So I'm not going to make another mistake though. Oh, you did. Well, is that jet is either producer that was telling you not to? Yeah.

Starting point is 00:52:23 Oh, now you're in trouble with jet. Really? I can't. I signed an N.D. I was on Dr. Phil. I don't have you know who I am. I was on Dr. Phil a long time ago. Dr. Phil had a house retortured people. Yeah, right. Really?

Starting point is 00:52:36 Yeah, yeah. I was on there. I was on there because I hate women. And Dr. Phil was trying to cure me of that. Right. And he thought that he could cure that by sticking me in a house with other women, which was a big mistake as I turned down. That's kind of funny.

Starting point is 00:52:49 You're not going to lie. Oh, yeah, I was funny, but I signed an NDA too and I just violated all the time. I don't care. Yeah. Well, it's long, long ago aired. So what's your, can you talk about before fish tank? When did you become the top J? When did you first develop your life, your, I don't know, your philosophy?

Starting point is 00:53:15 I guess my philosophy has been developed the past few years. I would say probably really started around the time I started while nine file fighting. Wildland fire fighting. Yeah. Yeah. That's probably around the time when I started coming who I am today. Yeah. What's wildland fire?

Starting point is 00:53:40 What's fire for wildland firefighting? What's wildfires, right? Like a yeah, it's just like, you know, in the waterness, you know, how a confonial and organs like also on fire like the trees and the bushes and the grass and stuff. Yeah, you're like, you do that? Well, counting. Yeah, I did it for a few years for the four sources of federal government. Yeah.

Starting point is 00:54:01 And so like a day to day while in firefighting, you know, I would get up at like 7 or 6 a.m. go to the engine, get the engine ready for the day. Yeah. First, when I'm up on the engine, I did hand crew stuff to yeah, you know, I get the engine ready. Then you know, we would go out. If we want on an assignment, we would go out and do patrols. Yeah. There's like lightning strikes happening in the forest, we would go out and do patrols. Yeah. There's like lightning strikes, happening in the forest, we would go out and find the lightning strikes,

Starting point is 00:54:27 put out the forest, they would start. Would you actually get out there and like fight the, I mean, I don't even know how they fight those fires, but those guys always look like sh*t when they come back. Would you get out there? They drop from a lot of planes and choppers too. Yeah, the good. So the people that drop from the planes and choppers,

Starting point is 00:54:45 those are either smoke jumpers or pellos. Those are some of the most badass motherf*ckers out there. The public more hardcore than most people in the military, to be honest. I believe David Goggins is actually a smoke jumper. Okay. But so what I would do, you know, we would go out there, you know, if the trees on fire,

Starting point is 00:55:06 you cut down the tree or let's say the versus on fall, it depends on the scenario with situation where sometimes we may start a fall, you push back the original fall, you know, to kill it so it won't have anything else to burn. Yeah. Or we've also dig lined. Okay. I've seen that. You know, you just get down to the ground, you dig everything out. So there's only a dot, so nothing else to get born. And there's other times, well, like I've done this for like almost a week shorted, where I would carry a mark three pump up to the mountain,

Starting point is 00:55:42 skedit to a stream, the pump going, and then we do a layout of different types of horses, and all sorts of stuff, and then we just break down the follow. So there's a few different ways you could put out the follow. Okay, yeah. Well, that's pretty cool. I don't know, you did all that stuff. Yeah, no, it was fun.

Starting point is 00:56:02 Yeah. Has Andrew Tate reached out to you at all about being on the show and being such a phenomenon around the show? Have either of those guys reached out to you? Andrew or Tristan? Andrew Tate hasn't contacted me directly. Neither has Tristan Tate. Now, there is a video that someone has given me that does look real.

Starting point is 00:56:27 Now, once you've formed someone in the wallroom that the Trito account is his Trito account, they want to have to perform the video at the moment. Okay. I'm not gonna get back to me on that, but basically Tristan Tate contacted someone while I was in fist tank and talk to them about me and told them to remind him when I got out. He hasn't

Starting point is 00:56:52 gotten back to that portion yet. And they sent me a video of the Trittle Messy scene. So I'm just waiting really on the portion I'll be talking to in the world room to inform that video is true or not. Well, what is the video? Is it Tristan Tate saying like, hey, I like that John guy? And let me open it up and read what it says. Okay. Okay. Tristan Tate's, Andrew Tate's brother. I figured, I figured. I gathered, he was some relation. They're like Romulus and Remus, those two.

Starting point is 00:57:30 Yeah. Yeah. Both raised by wolves. Kind of. Andrew Tate's dad sounds like he was. f*ck. Yeah, totally. Still, yeah.

Starting point is 00:57:41 What the video says is, so Tristan Tate contacts this lady saying, what the video says is so Tristan take contacts this lady saying what is fish tank? And she explains what it is. Yeah, and what the grand prize is okay And then it goes on and said people have been taking you Or the video is still loading. It has to go back down. That's okay. Yeah. Now why were you on fish tank? still loading. It has to go back down. That's okay. Yeah. Now, why were you on fish tank? Were you known for something else? Fish tank is like, it's a, it's a house that Sam Hyde made just to torture people. Yeah, pretty much. And the last one in there would make $10,000. Yeah. Is that right, John? Yeah. You just signed up? Yeah. Yeah. Well, I found it through Craigslist. I didn't realize it was Sam's Heights deal. Okay. Did you know who Sam Hyde was before this? I've seen videos of him. Yeah.

Starting point is 00:58:34 Forehand. But in like Biden washes content a lot though, but I've seen it. I, and I, when I saw him, I was definitely recognizing him because I have a pretty good memory. Uh-huh. I got to tell you, I'm disappointed you didn't win. I, uh, everybody wants that dumb Josie to win, but I was hoping you would win the whole time. Yeah. No, I was hoping I was going to win. I was planning on winning my first go at the, but I'm glad I left when I did down to be honest. So why is that?

Starting point is 00:59:07 You get to leave or yeah, you can, you leave when you're like done being f*cked with. Gotcha. So there's, you don't lose. You just, you leave, right? Like the last one standing. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Starting point is 00:59:18 You lose. I'm pretty strong. I'm pretty strong. You lose because it's like big bubble. Oh, okay. Right, right, right. But you don't, they don't give you like challenges every week. And you lose a challenge you're gone, right?

Starting point is 00:59:29 Yeah, the first week they had it, don't be a pedophile challenge. Really? Yeah. Surprise, there was anyone looking at the house. Back to the video, he was like, he's a, he explained explained to him who I was and the video says, Tristan Tate, but you know, I don't even know if this video's correct or true. Yeah. He's a good kid, Andrew and I are rooting for him.

Starting point is 00:59:55 What's his Trittle? We see sent him my Instagram and all my Tittle. Oh, okay. And he's like, I've been banned from Instagram. Okay. Okay. I got his Trittle account and Okay. I got his Twitter account and she sent him my Twitter account.

Starting point is 01:00:07 And you just, they remind me we ins out. And he hasn't responded since. What would your dream be to meet with Andriutate and Tristan Tate? Because you know that like he's like he's flown guys, guys who've called into the show, Andrew Tate has flown out to his compound

Starting point is 01:00:30 to make content with and hang out with. What would be your ideal Andrew Tate fantasy? Well, if I were to meet Andrew Tate, of course I would love to learn as much as I could at any given chance I can. Because I do believe he has a Lot of knowledge I can't learn and because I feel like I know a lot, but I don't you know I know there's plenty of things I do not know

Starting point is 01:00:56 And I'm sure there's a lot of things like learn from him on a regular basis not like from business not in just business but like psychology or you know, fighting. I'm not the best at fighting, like I believe I have the strength, I do not have the technique at all. I feel like I need to work on technique a lot. I've been trying to get into, like last time I was getting to G2, that's when I got jumped and I lost like too much blood so I was starting having seizures. I had to put that on my paws. Wait a minute. You got jumped and you lost all your blood?

Starting point is 01:01:29 What did that happen? Too much blood. Yeah, so what happened was, me, my buddy, there's a group of people, Hispanic people, white wars, Hispanics. They, white wars. They didn't make so. Yeah.

Starting point is 01:01:43 So here's the four story. Yeah. Okay. I was so it's a little bit longer. I got a I was dropping off clients one night. I head from behind. He kicked me around off. Then two days later, I got jumped again.

Starting point is 01:01:58 Wait, you were, you were dropping off clients and a guy came up and kicked you from behind to take your money or what? He hit me. He hit my head from behind. Okay. And then he kicked me in the face and ran off. Why? Because he's a puss*, obviously.

Starting point is 01:02:14 But why would he attack you? What did you do? He just didn't like the look of you? Were you wearing a sandwich bar that said, I hate N words on it? What happened? No, so this is what happened. So this is a crazy dude that's been stalking me and my family and actually one of my siblings actually ended up moving out of the state is this guy keeps stalking him. Okay. Like he's just some crazy not job. Um and I've have plenty of police reports on him. So this is a random person that's

Starting point is 01:02:50 stalking you and your family for no reason. They don't know you. So they know me. That's for sure. It's just, it's a, it's just a crazy dude from Florida. Like, I don't want to get in too much details because I do this make go to this make go to court. I don't want to say too much. Okay. I do talk too much about it because I might get you know, I might not go the way I supposed to go. Okay.

Starting point is 01:03:17 Okay. Okay. I've heard that. I was at the river swimming with my buddy. And then there's three people, they saw a black guy, so they thought we were easy target. And they saw his shoes and he had a pill, like, a thousand dollar pill, like, 90s or something like that.

Starting point is 01:03:35 So they wanted to steal his shoes. My buddy basically kicked off the f*cking asses pretty good. He ended up picking one of them up by the legs. He screamed him like a f*cking cell and just like onto like a walk or something like he f*cked them up. I hate your friend. I picked one of them up by the legs and swung him around like a chair and threw him on the side.

Starting point is 01:04:00 Yeah, I'm not really kidding. Yeah, okay. They made a big mistake. We gave them 10 minutes to try to walk off and they just really wanted to steal the shoes and fight us. They would drunk, they would dump. But one of them got one lucky punch to my nose. My nose just kept bleeding for like 12 hours. Like I went to the doctor and they said, oh you'll find find go home. Yeah, we're in tall, kept bleeding. You know, so I've been back and the, you know, by the time I got back, I lost so much blood, I

Starting point is 01:04:30 wasn't even able to walk in. I was I couldn't. That's a lot of you show sh*t out there. No, out of your nose. And you know, there's a sh*t on your nose. John, you didn't shove something up there. Like a tamp to stop it No, bro like I had to shut up my nose and it just kept going if it wasn't going down my nose It was going down my throat. It is just non-stop bleeding. Yeah, nothing was able to stop it So I went back to the hospital and I ended up having a sh*t on the seasore smell sh*t non-stop these roles My heart like, I couldn't

Starting point is 01:05:07 of me walk up stale for like a month, like 10 feet. Because of the exertion of the blood. Well, you, yeah, you do lose. Really? That I lost. Okay. It takes your body a long time to make it back. And if I were to move too fast, like,

Starting point is 01:05:22 I would have a seasore too. Yeah. No, so I rest have a seizure too. Yeah. No, so I rested for three days. So like, okay, this is probably enough. So I'm gonna go to Jitsu. Oh boy. I'll give that a try. Well, I just be like, I just like ended up collapsing on people

Starting point is 01:05:35 and they're like, what the f*ck? Like what's happening? Yeah. So I decided to put that on pause. Wait, so you're doing Jitsu and you're just like falling asleep on man and like, that's a f*ck. He's doing it just like falling asleep on men and like, I'm doing. Not once. Sleep like, having a seasonal. Oh sh*t.

Starting point is 01:05:51 Humping them. I mean, you know, like, yeah, that's they're like, what the f*ck is this guy doing on me? Take some of them in a to realize, probably it's gonna be a weird thing. I decided to stop that. Okay. I'll be doing boxing because there's a boxing gym, there's about open just down the street for me. Okay. Oh boy. You like fighting. I saw you in sand.

Starting point is 01:06:10 You were training with Sam Hyde and I got I was afraid how hard he was kicking you watching you get those kicks from Sam where he like Sam's f*cking gigantic. Is he? He's he's he's big and strong. He looks like a hagar from Final Fight. I hate that video. You remember that game? The man here with the strap.

Starting point is 01:06:30 He's gigantic and he's delivering these roundhouse kicks to John holding f*cking handpads. Oh, God. One of them hit you in the head very hard. Yeah. It didn't hurt. So I actually have a high pain tonalist. That's one of the perks of having autism. But I was checking to make some of my nose wasn't bleeding.

Starting point is 01:06:51 So I didn't want to like it. Because my nose, I still haven't gotten a fix. Hence a bulk. Broken nose is on, guys are cool. You don't need it. If you don't need to fix it. So you can't even tell it's broken, it's the inside of this broken.

Starting point is 01:07:04 So I just can't breathe out of my nose. I knew a girl who had that and she did get it fixed and she said it helped a lot. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that was, that was fine watching, it was fine watching Sam kick, kick you. I bet it was. I bet it was. I bet it was. How, so you, you just said you have autism.

Starting point is 01:07:29 Yeah. How is that, how is your autism with all this newfound fame? Like are people f*cking with you? Like is it hard to tell who's good, who's bad? I feel like, so there's most definitely a lot of people trying to f*ck with me. Yeah, I thought it out. That's giving though, that's for anyone. Um, I know when someone's lying though, it's not that hard.

Starting point is 01:07:55 Like, I'm sure you guys saw at Fris Tank, I would call people out all the time, we never lying to me directly to the face, I'll call them out. Yeah, I was great. Yeah, it can be a little bit more tricky when it's online, but a nice thing though, if you know someone's phone name or phone number, I can find anything out about anyone. If I know your name, if your name is true on Instagram, I can find out anything I want about you. I can find out where you live, use phone number, essentially everything. Okay. So something I like to do sometimes to test people,

Starting point is 01:08:35 I'll ask them what their name is, and if nothing comes up, like, you know, if they're trying to be a quote unquote friend to me, and if they give me a fake name, you know, there's something to it. Yeah. Yeah, that's a good, that's a good rule to have. Yeah, I guess. Sure. Yeah. Okay, so you said, if you met with Andrew Tate, you would just try to learn as much as possible from him about psychology and finding and business. Yeah. What do you think about his, what do you think about Andrew Tate's dealings with the law? Like he got, he got dragged into, to jail for like two months or something like that. Do you think he's guilty or do you think the matrix is after him?

Starting point is 01:09:15 So, me, porcelain, I thought it was kind of funny. And they did take him to jail. Right? The day after Ft. Allen's ship was going off in the court. The day after what? I've seen the Ft. Allen's ship was going into court. Okay. It was like the day after.

Starting point is 01:09:38 Okay. So it was a little sus. And I knew Andrew T was going to give release at some point. Yeah. Because from what I do, from what I have learned from Andrew Tate, he is extremely careful. And he knows what he's doing most of the time. And he'd most definitely planned stuff out.

Starting point is 01:10:00 So I don't think there would have actually have found something. I think it was all just fake. Yeah. But yeah, and I haven't seen any proof myself evil. So. He's bragged a lot. And he's, I mean, he has bragged about withholding girls' tax money from them.

Starting point is 01:10:19 That's one of the crimes the government doesn't like as it turns out is taking tax money away from them. Yeah, that's one of their bugaboos. Do you think that you could use your autism powers to beat and rotate at chess if the opportunity arose? No, I haven't played chess. You know, I don't know the rules to chess. I haven't played chess. You're not playing chess. Good learning. If I took two, three years' dedication to it, I'm sure I could get extremely good at it. Okay.

Starting point is 01:10:57 That's just not something I've took in the time to learn. Okay. Let's see. I wrote some stuff down from when you were, you said, you said you leave meat out for a few days and then you eat it to make your digestive system stronger. Is that true? Yeah, I've done that a few times. I've done it with salmon and beef. Those are the only two meats I've done it with so far. Salmon is the beef of the sea. You leave the meat out and to eat the rancid meat to make your body stronger. It's gut back to the. I've usually cooked it.

Starting point is 01:11:39 It's usually pre-cooked. And then I leave it out sometimes. So you cook it again? No, no, I just cook it one time. Okay, and then you leave it out and eat it after that. So just not refrigerate it. For times, yeah. Yeah.

Starting point is 01:11:53 I don't do it all the time. Like I do it every once in a while. Okay. Um, cause it's the gut, the gut volume in your stomach is extremely important. But you'm being thinking about if you ever got lost in the woods You have to eat a dead animal If you don't have the white bacteria in your stomach to eat it or throw it up You're gonna be f*cked up. Well, you could make a fire and cook it. I

Starting point is 01:12:19 Don't know. I mean, what if it's raining all the time? You lost the antar, the North Pole or something. You're going to find a, you know, a bunny and there's no, everywhere, no sticks. What are you going to do then? Well, what's the bunny eating if there's no sticks? Snow? Other bunnies. You get my point. Well, let's say you've caught a fish.

Starting point is 01:12:38 You say you've caught a fish in the pool. Okay, okay, caught a fish. I'm out in the middle of the ocean and I caught a fish. You're short. You're short. Okay. Yeah, okay, I see your point. I'm out in the middle of the ocean and I caught a fish. Okay, char. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. I see your point. I see your point. Yeah. Well, you can, you can eat almost anything raw if it's fresh to fresh. Yeah. I mean, but not leaving it out. That's where you're just eating bacteria at that point. Well, he's, but he's trying to, to kind of, you know, make himself his gut super human. So he's ready. In case he's got to eat like a dog's got polar bear carcass.

Starting point is 01:13:06 It's been out and open for. But you are seen. Go ahead. I was seen a lot that. Survival that guy on the survivors like all your 2000s reinforced came out. He came across the. Him across the salmon one day that a ego was eating. Yeah.

Starting point is 01:13:24 It seemed like it's been out for about a week. He ate it. He came out fine. Yeah. Now, yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, you could definitely come out fine. Are you like a survivalist with all your fireman stuff and like training your gut and to eat meat?

Starting point is 01:13:43 Um, I've always been, I've always been extremely into the outdoors. Um, okay. Like, I know a lot about different wild plants, how you can eat it, or would you use for medicine? Yeah. Or what plants you can use to, uh, paralyze trout, all kinds of stuff. Yeah, yeah. That's, see, that's something that actually could be useful to know.

Starting point is 01:14:03 Yeah, about plants, especially because what not to eat. Yeah, like what not to eat. Like that guy in the, that Alaska movie who died in a school bus. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, he died in a school bus. That's right.

Starting point is 01:14:18 And it turned out he didn't f*ck up. Yeah, it turned out that it was some kind of weird combination of something. They were in my road. I really hope they got it. Yeah, me too. Into the wild some kind of weird combination of something that I wrote a whole thing. Yeah, me too. Into the wild was the movie that they made on that. Yeah. Let's see, you also said that you pushed your truck up a hill and then controlled its speed on the way back down to work out.

Starting point is 01:14:37 Yeah. Yeah, okay. Yeah, I used to use it on a Ford Wanger, 98. It was a V4. And I would, I started pushing that a lot for my workout. I just, I just, I put someone, so a G1 day to help them. And it's like, goddamn, I'm out of breath. I just start pushing my truck just for a workout.

Starting point is 01:15:00 Like this is a good workout. So I started doing that. Yeah, no, it was really good workout. I think the father's I did if was about a mile at a time. A mile? You're pushing, are you really pushing cars for a mile to work out? You know what? It's a f*cking good workout. It's just a sled workout.

Starting point is 01:15:16 Yeah. God damn it. That's true. It's a good workout. It sounded retarded, but it's a good workout. Yeah. Yeah, no, no, no. People will stop by like, do you need help?

Starting point is 01:15:30 Do you do it in the street? What's car? I usually did it in a choice parking lot, where there wasn't too many parking lot. Okay, you're big into church, right? Yeah, I like churches, but I don't like going to churches because it's more often not the pre show whoever's teaching there usually is teaching the Bible incorrectly from what I've noticed. Okay. Fair enough. I've been through basically all the churches in my hometown.

Starting point is 01:15:59 There's like this one church that's kept paying God's like a female chicken and all kinds of real stuff. Like, why would they do that? What do you mean? this one choice, the Japan God, like a female chicken and all kinds of real stuff like. Why would they do that? What do you mean? Well, the choice I went to, that choice that I went to that day, it was an extremely leftist.

Starting point is 01:16:18 Okay. And there were extremely forcing LGBTQ into the choice. But no tea. Yeah, no tea. They're not that no church is that crazy. LGBTQ. That's fine. Um, yeah, so what were they? How did you know it was an LGBT church? What, what glued you in pronouns? Well, uh, I've met the portion that was teaching it a trial and I just know the last time and you know, they'll and how they live. So like I just knew, you know, going up

Starting point is 01:16:56 and ban you know, ban is not a super big city. So you know, a lot of people or you know, of them usually. Yeah, where? Bend Oregon. Oregon, yeah, yeah. So what would you do? So you've been all, you've been to all the churches in your hometown and you decided that they're not proper. Not to snuff. They're not up to snuff.

Starting point is 01:17:17 They're not up to God. What would you do? What do you think a good church should be? Yeah. I don't think that she started church because even Jesus was talking, you know, he did like churches or governments. It's true.

Starting point is 01:17:31 He'd think you'd be okay though. Ha, ha, ha. So are you gonna do like a Bible series on your channel? Is that what you're gonna do that or are you gonna do like masculinity? What's your future in content? I know that hustling is a big big component in a band.

Starting point is 01:17:49 So something I most definitely want to do. I do want to spread the the name of God. And I do want to do X amount of content on that and probably do live streams with fans of mine. Okay. Um. Because to be quite honest, I want to be where I'm at right now if it wasn't for God.

Starting point is 01:18:09 Bees back in December, you know, I made this plan and I prayed to God and he gave me all the missing pieces to the puzzles. I had so many pieces of the puzzle is just missing. I knew that we're going to come at the white time. I knew about roughly one this time of this year, this was going to happen. I just didn't know how yet. And then I did.

Starting point is 01:18:31 So God brought Sam Hyde to you. I guess it works in a serious way. It works in very mysterious ways. No. So something else people don't know about is the energy that you put out. Uh-huh. One of you guys read about the Dead Sea scores, So something else people don't know about is the energy that you put out Is one of you guys read about the Dead Sea scores, but Jesus kind of mentions this Dead Sea scores

Starting point is 01:18:54 I'm not word for word, but um You know the things you the things you say has the extreme power for meanings to it and the energy you put out in the war, whatever you put out, always comes back to you. You know, you put any negative energy out. You usually go out there. I think ironically, John Lennon said that. So love you, man. Because love you, tech is equal to the love you make.

Starting point is 01:19:18 Is that the cause? That's McCartney. No McCartney. OK, so even more ironically. Yeah, anyway, we'll keep going. So it's just, you know, the energy you put out. And if you know how to change your energy and you know how to change the way you think and the way you act, the reality we change for you, It would change for you, essentially.

Starting point is 01:19:47 Yeah, is that like the secret kind of? Isn't it? It is. It is like the secret. That is, yeah, that is, there is a lot of that going around in the man and the spirit. Because I told people, I've told so many people back in December, this is what's going to happen. We're starting the business.

Starting point is 01:20:04 I'm going to get famous and then I can help. And then we go out become famous and we can build up the community. And then we can help people like us essentially. That's that's what I want to do. I want to be able to help everyone who kind of grew up like me and at the same time spreading you know God's name. Who is people like us? Yeah.

Starting point is 01:20:24 Who is that? How he grew up? I guess it is a white category. I want to help people become, so people who grow up poor, people with disabilities, obviously because a lot of people with autism, they don't know their true potential. I've seen so many people with autism. There's actually the same way since the seven years old, you know, they haven't gone farther than that. Yeah. Um, or people who are just not educated, because that's where it comes down to. If you want to be, if you ever want to become wealthy, you have to have knowledge. If you don't have knowledge, you're never going

Starting point is 01:21:02 to get anywhere. Knowledge is the most, one of the most powerful things in this world, which what you don't know could be affecting you. But if what you do know, it'll help you or benefit you in some way or you can avoid going on the one path. Uh-huh. You know, it's crazy to me is how much of my life revolves around autism. Really? Maddox, Christ the Kiwi, my f*cking mom's entire life involving around autism. John is a good person with autism, and we're just used to dealing with bad people

Starting point is 01:21:38 who also have autism. You know what I mean? So there's this guy that calls into the show named Chris the Kiwi who's just a f*cking maniac. Like he tells, he constantly messages hookers and tells them and like threatens them and says, he's going to cut their tit* off. And then if anybody's mean to him, he goes, well, I have autism. It's totally right.

Starting point is 01:21:58 And he does. He's very autistic. But he's also a piece of sh*t. He's also a piece of sh*t. Do you know what I mean, John? very autistic, but he's also a piece of sh*t. He's also a piece of sh*t. Do you know what I mean, John? So going up, they put me in life skills in middle school. Because I had anger, it's back then,

Starting point is 01:22:13 I was too aggressive to be with other kids. And for what I had learned when I was in there, a lot of people with disabilities, they kind of learned to manipulate or trick people to make them think they're dumb or they're all. So then you do things for them. Yeah. For example, like you say that guy has autism is extremely dumb. I guarantee you, he knows him texting stripers. Harry's gonna cut their teeth off. It's probably wrong texting stripers, how he's going to cut their tit* off is probably wrong. But he feels like he's allowed to, or he's able to do it, but he has autism, and that's in his shoes.

Starting point is 01:22:53 I f*cking love this guy. I told you, I f*cking, wait, John, I want you to hear this. So I'm very famous. I had a big show in Philadelphia during like right when fish tank came out. So I got the, I asked the audience who their favorite was and we got a John chant going on with like 300 people. I want to, I want to play. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I want to, I just want you to hear how much people love you. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I hear I'm gonna play it right now. Tell me if you cannot hear it. Hank, what are you? What do you think? Josie's, Josie stands. Yeah.

Starting point is 01:23:32 Damn, damnation. Who's damnation? No? What about John sales? Yeah. Wait a minute, I wanted to, to John you're all John Alright, I can I can I maybe it was just me chanting it but All right, I could I could I maybe it was just me chanting it but So fun What did you think about the other house guests? I know you're in an NDA, but wait like in general. What did you think about them? The only people at that location I would I would go out of my way directly to talk to if I wasn't there. Would be the crew or the big two source. Yeah, that probably makes sense.

Starting point is 01:24:30 You wouldn't talk to any. What about Josie? Did you want to kill her when she got that penguin game? What do you mean penguin game? That penguin sliding thing that was like EI, EI all night. That stupid kids game that she had. No, I like Josie. Josie's cool. Josie's cool. IEI all night that that that that that that stupid kids game that she had No, I like Josie Josie's cool

Starting point is 01:24:50 Just really sweet What about Ledi? What do you think about her? Well, there's plenty of videos of the on the internet to tell you what I think. Oh, yeah Not a fan. No, not a fan She's like a modern woman in a lot of ways. Yeah. Oh, she is like a western-walled lady. What do you think about Western world women? What do you think they're doing wrong? There's a lot. Oh, yeah, I know. There's a lot. There's a huge list. Target, you know what my girlfriend told me? That the Whole Foods, it costs the same as the Mexican store.

Starting point is 01:25:29 And I said, there's no f*cking way that's true. You know, f*cking way to let us, that Whole Foods costs the same as the Mexican store. And she goes, well, it costs the same as that target. And I said, you're f*cking out of your mind. If you're gonna tell me that Target is, is like the cheap version of, don't gaslight me. I didn't know that Target had grocery sections.

Starting point is 01:25:46 Yeah, they do. They do now, huh? You get past me. Is it following like, following like Wal-Mart's lead or something, where you, yeah. So what do you think's wrong with Western women? Do you have a girlfriend? Do you have a wife or anything like that?

Starting point is 01:25:58 I wanna leave that question on Antelope. Okay, where's the woman? And D.A. Yeah, my wife has me on an N.D.A. I can't talk about it. The rest on board, ladies, you guys already know I talked about it on the show. I don't like slugs. Why not? There's so many reasons why not to like a slu*t. Yeah.

Starting point is 01:26:28 The list goes on like usually the kind of snakey too. You can know what's going on. And it's like what ever it takes that. You know what you find into a woman, they will use it against you down the line. That's that's been proving time and time again. Yeah. It's just my own personal experience. Yeah.

Starting point is 01:26:50 Better alone, if you have a date or get with like a slu*t, I feel like there's a lot more agus and there's always something going wrong. They always, they get mad so easily, like, they just snap out of no, but for no reason. There is always something going wrong with some women. I f*cking that is absolutely true. Some women are just like, oh, I always like a list of things that complain about you. Like, yeah, you f*cked up your life and set up all these

Starting point is 01:27:19 stupid things. Yeah. Okay. What else? I didn't put a list together, but I'm sorry. I did. Probably me a gruel whole bunch on it. Yeah, I do. Okay, wait, I wrote down some more things you said on Fist Tank that you knew more than the average 20 year old at seven years old. You said that.

Starting point is 01:27:40 Yeah, so when I was a little kid, they did a test on me for like, vocabulary, because you know, they were making sure I wasn't stupid, stupid, because I couldn't speak. Okay, yeah, they were saying that you were like, force comp. Exactly. And then they found out I was actually retaining a lot of information. Like, yeah, seven, you know, I would do these stupid tests on a whole bunch. See, well, I was at and they'll could close and was, you know, I think it's a lot because of my memory. And how fast I long things is, you know,

Starting point is 01:28:17 why I was able to know a lot more than the average 20 or that age. Like, okay, this is my vocabulary and things and information I'm able to breathe hard in my brain. For example, I be walking down the street, I see a random face and then a week later, I'd be like in safe way or something. And I see that same person, I recognize them. I don't know who they are though.

Starting point is 01:28:39 I recognize the race. What you're describing is a real thing. And my girlfriend also has it. Is that right? Yeah, some people. Some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people,

Starting point is 01:28:50 some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people,

Starting point is 01:28:58 some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people, some people to find human, like facial recognition subway. They'll sit there and just look and go, there he is. Yeah. And before computers, they would do

Starting point is 01:29:10 that. All be damned. And they had a higher than higher success rate than the average person. It's like a normal person has a zero percent success rate. So it's literally like 100%. Yeah. Like they'll we jealous. We did the test. They'll I have no f*cking idea any of these people. She's like they're there. They're there every show we go to she will remember anybody who comes up face and name and like, oh yeah, you said about this. And every time they're like, what the f*ck is that?

Starting point is 01:29:38 The I'm proud of names. Binova in people's name. If I only met them once unless I've already known that name. Like is it brand new name? It's hard for me to be number. But face it, I will never forget them. Now, if somebody comes up to me and said, oh, I met you at blah, blah, blah, blah, blah,

Starting point is 01:29:54 we talked about, and I will, from that point, I will remember the conversation, totally different. I know, but it's like, I don't have a problem. Once I know, once somebody gives me one reminder, it triggers like, oh yeah, totally. I remember talking about this aspect. I'll remember really specific details, but I just want to be like, give me a little bit of detail.

Starting point is 01:30:14 I just start lying with that detail. Oh yeah, I remember that. What about skin walkers? You said that those are real and the government knows about them. I think there's a lot of things that's real that people don't know about. Sure. You know, for example, in the younger age of a

Starting point is 01:30:31 Melka back, you know, back then, you could do so many newspaper clippings you could find talking about giants, for example. You don't learn about giants now. There's even a couple of museums. I don't remember them off top of my head. I have to text my friend. There's a couple of museums in the United States. I have giant skeletons and giant scholars of these giant people. Okay. You don't learn about it in school. And if someone talks about giants, people would think that's made up. Um, what happened to the giants? Well, most of them got killed by how to guess.

Starting point is 01:31:12 People got jealous. And he gets killed them or guys run around with slingshots. So there's actually this one net of a Malcolm story that you could probably find this on some YouTube videos. A lot of people have talked about this on some YouTube videos where a lot of people have talked about this. This takes place in New Mexico. And there's this tribe of, I don't

Starting point is 01:31:30 been over the name of the tribe like there's certain detours, I don't know. But there's a nevy-mailkin tribe. And there was these three giants that always, you know, just weigh them, you know, kill them, do whatever they want to them because, you know, they were giants. And these were like, how big is it? Yeah, how big is a giant? I believe the sculliches that they ended up finding to prove this story to be real. It was a between nine and 12 feet tall. Okay. It's pretty tall. Yeah. They have big winners too. Like giant size winners, are they normal sized? They only found sc that were called winners. We don't know.

Starting point is 01:32:06 Yeah, so with the story, you know, they were, they never make us retry to fight them. It wouldn't work. So they decided to give these giants a fall wood. That's off like it's a gift. Firewood. Okay.

Starting point is 01:32:22 Yeah. And they ended up, you know, giving it to them in this giant slip in a cave. They cut the cave on fire without the firewood in there. And then they blocked it off with a giant walk. And then, uh, walk. Right. I want to say, I believe it was in 1920. What the, uh, some, uh, some like, I forget the name for it, but like the dudes that go out and like find artifacts and stuff, he found archaeologists. Yeah, Indiana Jones. Yeah. Uh-huh. And the temple of the giant walk. Yeah. Yeah. So he found like cave with three dead, burnt giants, skeletons. Uh-huh. Which therefore proved that never-American story being true. Yeah. I don't

Starting point is 01:33:08 know, man, giants. That's a lot to believe. So the f*cking 12 foot tall guys, there's no houses. Well, the tallest verified person was Robert Wadlow in the early 20th century. He was 811 and change. Moratism coming up. Yeah, verified. He was the, yeah, He was almost nine feet tall. Died in his early 20s, 22, 23, something like that. Okay. Okay. So giants, skin walkers, obviously, that's a real thing. You said you don't drink water because it has fluoride in it.

Starting point is 01:33:41 Yeah, I don't drink tap water. Okay. Do you brush your teeth? I do, I use clay and mint. You use clay? How does that work? Clay and mint. Clay and mint. Wow.

Starting point is 01:33:55 Yeah, I get this special thing that's like clay and mint and a couple other herbs in it. And I actually clean this tea for a lot of battle. Then the toothpaste sh*t. The toothpaste sh*t usually has fluoride in it too. Oh, yeah And on you know, but fluoride actually decays your teeth Two doesn't make sense to put fluoride on your teeth to clean it if it's going decayed Like if you look in India You see lots of people in India the teeth are extremely lulloo and f*cked up

Starting point is 01:34:23 It's because their water has so much fluoride in it. Yeah, it's a choice though teeth It's a water florida in in India. No, it's full of sh*t Wow, so you brush your teeth with mint and clay what the f*ck is this is like I mean, I'm looking at Amazon It's a real thing. Oh, yeah, yeah. All right. Well, as long as you're not using radium, which you lift, you deadlift fallen trees. Is that true? You work out with fallen trees?

Starting point is 01:34:53 I can't get over the, that you work out, pushing a car, a Jeep, and the church parking lot. You can be like the valet for church, but you push everybody's car. Saving gas. Yeah. Well, it's good work. Yeah.

Starting point is 01:35:05 So well, when I was working for the four solvers, usually the first two to three months of the season, we would clear out the campgrounds. Yeah. And so we had to cut down trees all day long. And then you have to cut them in segments. But usually the hours length, we would cut them two, but like six to like 10 feet wide.

Starting point is 01:35:24 Yeah. And then depending on If you're a bitch or not, you have someone else help you carry it And then if you would you know if you were two weeks, you would have someone help you carry it to the chipal Um, I didn't it will have anyone help me. Yeah, you're usually talking to f*ck off Um, well, that's not necessary. f*ck off. No, no, no, no. You're not going to help with that drink.

Starting point is 01:35:49 f*ck off. This is very important. The reason why they would offer to help is not to help. It's because they don't want to do a squad and pick something up for themselves. They're going on to you. So they want me to pick it up and then help me carry it. They for two teams. Going on to you. Yeah. So they want me to pick it up and then help me carry it a bill. If I don't need to.

Starting point is 01:36:09 It's a scam. They're trying to scare. They're trying to get it to work by helping you. Oh, they remind me. Do you remember in fish tank when Sam wanted to add $10,000 to the grand prize and you told him no because they don't deserve it? They don't deserve it. He has a commitment to the truth. That was so f*cked up and so funny. Like Sam's reaction and that was okay. That's where I'm not going to add it. What were you thinking in that moment?

Starting point is 01:36:41 I don't think anyone they all dissolved it. And I actually don't think anyone they all dissolved it. Yeah. And I wasn't there necessarily for the money. I was there for the expulsion and to spread the word of God and to meet people and, you know, like, actually the producers, I got along with them extremely well. Yeah. They seem like cool guys.

Starting point is 01:37:07 I like that chick. Yeah, they're amazing. Yeah. So that night that Simmons got kicked out and you guys got no cameras for a night. Was that nice? Yeah, that was nice. What did you think of Simmons? He got hammered pretty hard.

Starting point is 01:37:24 He was a weirdo. How many people started in the house? Think six. What did you think of that guy, Simmons? Eight people started in the house. I wasn't too happy. But, well, too happy with him to be clear. And a lot of, there was a lot of mischievous substance

Starting point is 01:37:42 on the internet. But I went to the bathroom to like make a prevo. It wasn't because of him. I just had a stressed out day. So just be clear, I was not in there because of him. People are making fun of you for crying in there on the internet. Yeah. Where you, is that true?

Starting point is 01:37:59 I mean, I don't, I don't carry the way. But that's what they were doing. Do you have any response to those people? People is easy for people to make fun of someone and they're not in the same system. That's true. I love your waterboarding sketch. John, you pretended to waterboard. What was your sketch that you did on the sketch night, the comedy sketch night?

Starting point is 01:38:25 They were, I believe things like, I don't even know how to say the name, but it's like some dude in the Middle East, like Obama. Oh, some of them. Oh, some have been lauded. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, no, that was fun. You were pretending to water board him and screaming about gummy bears or something, wasn't it? Was that it? Well, accurately, we actually did waterboard him. We did everything that you're supposed to do, and we just didn't do it for long.

Starting point is 01:38:55 They did waterboard a guy on that. Do they really? Yeah, they put it cloth on his mouth and poured water. Yeah. Yeah. I don't want to go into my tea time, though, because of the NDA. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Um, I don't want to go into my detail in it though. It's at the end. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Okay. Okay. We all saw that part though. Um, yeah. You guys saw it. Yeah. Um, well, I don't, I don't know.

Starting point is 01:39:13 What do you have any, um, do you have any advice for, for men out there? Young men. Yeah. What is that? The biggest advice out there. Young man. Yeah, what is that biggest advice out there? first one Stay away from slu*ts and don't stay away from puss* for a while because that's the biggest thing I would distract you is when you Like the slu*ts are the worst f*cking thing on this planet. They will take you Take your money They will be the takers time that take us energy and they take us money. Okay. Those are the

Starting point is 01:39:46 three most important things. There's time, there's energy and money. Without that, we never become anything. Okay, so you need to avoid slu*ts at all costs. How do you tell a slu*t? How can you tell if they're a slu*t? Right. And beyond the streets. Oh, they're on the streets. Okay. You already know. If you force off me personally, I don't go to bars and drinking and sh*t. If you go into bars and sh*t, you're already

Starting point is 01:40:09 f*cking up. That's the step one. That's f*cked up. You should be out there drinking sh*t. That's waste of time. You're just drinking right now. He's been productive. But what you're doing is you're making content right now while drinking what other people do They go downtown where they hooked up and drink try to get laid like a dip sh*t

Starting point is 01:40:36 That time and money make some type of content or reduce something with their life Same thing with like a job for example. Yeah, you can work out a job Okay, you put all that time and energy into it. Instead of doing that, if you were to put it into something that you were creating that could last your lifetime, that would be 10 times better always. Just guess what, you can get far out any second.

Starting point is 01:41:00 Like, let's say if you don't get the vaccine, oh, well, f*ck, you just lost your job. What are you gonna do now? You're on business, you know? Are you vaccinated? Oh, no. No, God, no. Are you, Sean?

Starting point is 01:41:13 Yeah, I am, yeah. You're f*cking, you're, that made you gay. Probably. You're not vaccinated at all. Right. You were all right. Nothing but STDs. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Starting point is 01:41:24 Okay, so stay away from slu*ts. Like you got to find like a traditional a woman who's never f*cked before. Is that the goal or just money? What's the, what's the guys be doing? What do they got to come, man? What are they supposed to do? Just beat off or not even jack off?

Starting point is 01:41:40 They shouldn't be wasting their time on that. Hmm. Well, I mean, you go back crazy. Yeah. I don't think they would because, look at me, I was on, you know, on, when I was on the show, I didn't beat off once. That was 16 f*cking days. Most people can't go one day like, one day, you can't go four hours.

Starting point is 01:42:02 Exactly. You know, and that's it. f*cking issue. If someone can't go in one day four. And that's it, f*cking issue. If someone can't go in with it for hours, it's like addiction. Yeah. I just rotate addictions. I go for masturbating to drinking to cocaine,

Starting point is 01:42:17 and I start over. Right. And then I try to go to sleep. What's old is new again. And I get, okay, I get in fights on Twitter. That's my. I think it's a big rage addiction and you want to have to walk out, make money and learn new things.

Starting point is 01:42:31 What do you bench? What do you bench? Let's go. I don't do weights. I like how to set things. I like doing pull ups, I do push ups. I like, well, I only have you guys seen the video, I uploaded that day, I climbed across bridges and stuff like that. Oh, I did see you and your buddies. You posted it sideways, by the way, that video.

Starting point is 01:42:53 Yeah, I know, I know. Well, you know, if you gotta be a content creator, you gotta work on stuff like that. Oh, most definitely, yeah. But, no, yeah, I don't like working out with weights and I don't really have nothing necessarily against weights. I just feel like, so, you're going to get so big. Let's say if you two hundred pounds and 250 pounds,

Starting point is 01:43:20 most of all fat, okay, either way, at that weight, your heart is going to work faster and harder, okay? So that means your heart is only going to be able to last so long. Also, at being at that size, your cells are going to be producing clone itself a lot faster and a lot more on a workload basis. Where your cells are only reproduced so many times

Starting point is 01:43:43 until it becomes cancerousy's until you die So many times true Yeah, you want big that is kind of stupid to me because John you saying all the stuff I like doing is bad slu*ts working out with Yeah, you don't want to be too big though. You don't want to be too big. You want to stay fit, but you don't want to get giant. I think I've like lifted weights my whole life and my tendons are shot. They hurt all the f*cking time. I have deep problems in my pecs. Like my friends. Do you know what you're looking to? What?

Starting point is 01:44:27 I recommend you look into a PBC 157. It's a type of peptide. It's naturally found in your stomach. You have it a lot more when you're a kid. Not for you don't get f*cked up when you're a kid, but as you get older, you lose it. Yeah. If you, I don't get f*cked up when you're a kid, but as you get older you lose it. Yeah. If you, I don't recommend doing it, if you have any hot issues, or if you don't live a healthy

Starting point is 01:44:53 life. Wow. But if you fast on a workload, if you fast on a workload basis like intermittent fasting, like you fast for 22 hours and then eat one meal. Yeah. Totally do it then. But it's by fasting, it's one of the most powerful things out there you could do for your health. Because most people don't know this. If you fast for five days, once a year, five days straight, the likelihood of you getting

Starting point is 01:45:17 canceled drops by 40%. Yeah, I've fasted for five days. I'd rather have cancer. Oh boy. Yeah. I got on this dumb. My girlfriend convinced me to do this f*cking juice fast. It was the worst five days of my life.

Starting point is 01:45:32 I went through the Holocaust. Yeah. Yeah. I'm talking about a fasting like where you don't eat anything. Anything, yeah. I don't want juice f*cking counts. Well, yeah, because it has sugar. So it triggers your body.

Starting point is 01:45:43 I'm talking idiot on lines. I said that too, well, you weren't fasting. So it triggers your body. I'm just like, I'm not a f*cking idiot online. That's what you were fasting. I had a f*cking celery slurry f*ck you. Yeah, I mean, it's a different kind of fast. Intermittent fasting is no eating at all. But it's not, it can be like 18 off six on, you know? Okay.

Starting point is 01:45:59 Oh, God. 20 on four. You canceled on the Ralph the Ralph bowling event Do you remember that yes, can you tell me why you canceled on that I was curious so Me I don't know a lot of Intimate people or celebrities or anyone really yeah, and my sister contact me told me about who they were because Sinosa more about people.

Starting point is 01:46:25 Oh. I was like, oh, so I texted Nick directly. It's like, and he wanted me to call him instead. And I was like, they were trying to convince me because if I go on, I can meet Sneak or something like that. I do believe that could have been true. Yeah. But with the things I learned about those people online, not some of those people that's

Starting point is 01:46:53 going to see that event, I would love to meet without a doubt. They're searching people that I don't. Yeah, I was at that event. I was at the Ralph's last event. I was bummed when you canceled, but I understand. I mean, you got to do what's best for you. But I was bummed event. I was at LaRouse last event. I was bummed. I was bummed when you canceled, but I understand. I mean, you got to, you got to do it's best for you. It's a, but I was bummed to see you canceled. There was a lot of people that I would have loved to meant. Like that's, that's true.

Starting point is 01:47:13 Like who? The first one that was off the top of my head because I don't, I know most of the faces not the names, but a bookie 298. I believe he was gonna be though. No, he was, he's not gonna be there. No. Oh, okay, about that. You wanna meet boogie? Do you wanna meet boogie?

Starting point is 01:47:30 I think I could, I think boogie would talk to you as a favorite to me. Yeah, no, I like boogie. Okay, me and my family, we basically going up watching boogie, you know, we like him. Well, cool. List me the celebrities that you want to, that you want to DM with and I will see what I can do. Go ahead. Okay. Um, we'll give you

Starting point is 01:47:52 two nine eight I guess. Tristan Tade obviously, entertain. Okay. Um, Luke Balmo. I don't know that. Luke Balmo. Yeah, let me find his, I missed penances. I don't know, I'm probably not necessary. Who's next? Okay. Well, let me give you the spelling of his name. So Luke and then last name B-E-L-M-A-R. Okay. Belmer. Belmer. You're talking about on YouTube, he's the top on your pops up. Okay. Um, foggy fresh. Froggy. He called in like three weeks ago. You can do that, froggy.

Starting point is 01:48:30 Yeah, he's great. Yeah, no, I love foggy fresh. I loved like listening to his music and his videos. Like that was, that was my favorite rock or going up. Like his stuff was the thing. I guess you know, he's like, he's been called the Nazi. Like these, because you got, so Froggy got kicked off of that thing. So now all the people who are fans of that boxing thing have to invent like why it was good for him to get kicked off.

Starting point is 01:48:59 So these concerts are like calling him a Nazi online. It's just, it's just so, it's, it's just makes me so angry what happens to be, okay, who's next? You know, Paul, I would love to meet Paul, that she would be cool to meet. Who's that, Paul? I'm, I'm Miss Penalty North's name too.

Starting point is 01:49:21 Paul? If you guys are watching, I'm sorry, I'm f*cking abuse names. Let me spell it out to you. If you guys are watching, I'm sorry, I'm f*cking abuse names. Let me spell it out to you. Okay. PEAL. Perl. Okay. Perly things. Yeah. And the relief is not to be the Davis. Perly, yeah, I know, I know of Perly things. Yeah. I got, okay, I got two more questions for you. Was there any? there any, what was the worst moment in fish tank for you? Was there anything like a super chat that hurt more than anything else? Was there anything you were like, I can't take this anymore.

Starting point is 01:49:57 What was that? So the answer I would give, I believe, would go against the NDA. Maybe a hint? I think they, I honestly think they would be fine with it. Just shippin' up the teeth. I don't think they would be. No, okay. No.

Starting point is 01:50:17 Okay. But I will tell you this, you know, once I'm allowed to talk about, I would give you all the answers, and I would give you two. Not even a hint of what was the word was it a Superchat that somebody said or something one of the other contestants did not not

Starting point is 01:50:33 Superchat not the contestants the Jets show his penis to you. Is that what happened? He seems like the type Seems like a nice guy, but I don't know Yeah, no, I don't think it'd give the answer as of right now. I'm sorry, but I would love to give it to you. I just don't want to get in trouble. Tell those f*cking idiots, okay. And what makes you a rage more than anything?

Starting point is 01:50:57 Oh, do you piss over, do you, when you piss, do you pull your dick out over the fly of your underpants or over the waistband or you go through the fly? I guess it depends on what I'm going on. You're wearing underwear. If you're wearing underwear, do you go, what do you, well, like, if you're wearing just like a normal day clothes, what do you, jeans and, yeah, sure, jeans.

Starting point is 01:51:18 If I'm wearing jeans, I'm going to the fly, like, why not? See, yeah, that's the correct what you do. That's right. Okay. And then what makes you a rage? Like what's one thing that you think is just the worst, the biggest problem in the universe? A ziness. Lazyness. Okay.

Starting point is 01:51:34 John plug your stuff and then we're going to go. Thank you for calling in, man. So thank you. Plug your stuff. Say your, your URLs. So people can find you. Okay. Thank you. Plug your stuff, say your URLs, so people can find you. Oh, okay. My Instagram account is Business Jack 2022.

Starting point is 01:51:51 My Twitter account is John Tant G, J-O-N-T-E-N-T-G. Okay. My YouTube account is a John Tant J-O-N-T-N-T-E-N-T. T-E-N TNT. Okay. And did you spell business jack correctly now on Instagram? Because you had it spelled wrong. You had it spelled wrong when you were in fish tank. If it spelled wrong when I was in fish tank, it is still spelled wrong then.

Starting point is 01:52:24 Maybe I'm mistaken. I see it. They're posting it in the, in the chat. That's cool. Right? Yeah, that's right. Okay. Business check. Okay. I haven't changed it. Like someone told me it was, I spelled it wrong, but I didn't know what they were talking about though. Maybe that was a fake account that I saw. Um, well, good luck, buddy. Good luck with your shirts and stuff. I hope you continue making content. It's really cool that you're part of Sam Hides. Like Sam Hides House is a big deal. Everyone loves it.

Starting point is 01:52:54 Oh, no. And you? Like Sam, if I could, I would most definitely walk with Sam again in the future. I really appreciate everything he did for me and everything I learned from him. And same thing with Jat and Ben and Chris and the whole crew, I appreciate everything they did and I forget another opportunity to work with them.

Starting point is 01:53:12 I would do that without a doubt. You were part of something very cool that happened, right? Like unwittingly and you made it better for everyone or a lot there were tens of thousands of people watching you obsessively every day Wanting you to win so I would after I left the view count dropped by 20 or 30 percent Yeah, I believe it. I don't know, but it was while you were there. It was it was just great It was great seeing you and watching you Interact with people on the house.

Starting point is 01:53:49 So thanks for doing that. Yeah, thank you. All right, have a good one, buddy. Have a happy Mother's Day or whatever. You too. Go fight some fires. Peace. So yeah.

Starting point is 01:53:59 There you go. Wow. John. That's a very interesting call in. John Tent. Top Che. John Tent. Top, top, Jay. John Tent. Now, did he have any kind of web presence before this?

Starting point is 01:54:09 Oh, I don't think so. Okay, I just, I was guys, cause he, he found it through a Craigslist, right? Craigslist, yeah. So he literally, he just, was just picked. Signed up and, wow. Andrew Tade, Ackolite.

Starting point is 01:54:23 Interesting guy. Boogie, I swear to God. I swear to God. I got bullied that fat f*ck into it. I know exactly what he was. I swear to God, I thought he said, I thought he was talking about like a walk. Like I, I, honest f*cking mistake. I mean, I understand, I understand the stuff.

Starting point is 01:54:40 I just, I understand. I understand. I got everything that he was saying. Like I know you learn like, you know, his speech impediment, you very clearly know what he's saying. Well, it's like, okay, there's it's W for an R as to, but for some reason I'm thinking he's talking about like bands of,

Starting point is 01:54:57 like bands of, yeah, bands of, these giants are wreaking havoc on these, like, you know, these native tribes or whatever. They found the locks to prove it. Well, I mean, I don't these, like, you know, these native tribes or whatever. They found the walks to prove it. Well, I mean, I don't know how they, you know, how they're, they're cooking around and they get attacked while they're cooking. I'm thinking, like, I don't know, maybe maybe some Asian influence, you know, you f*cking asshole.

Starting point is 01:55:17 Well, you tell John that he can tell me these f*cking questions about fish tank on my jaw. Put a giant walk in front of it. And I swear, the first thing I thought was a f*cking cooking pot. Cooking dish. Okay, I guess we should do voicemails. Sure. Thanks, everybody.

Starting point is 01:55:34 Oh sh*t, Sean. If you didn't watch Fish Tank, I'm sorry, but I, you were like that, kid. What's over, I mean, almost over now. Well, so it's not done. I don't think I got it. Well, then you definitely can't talk about certain things. Well, yeah, but it's like a jackass.

Starting point is 01:55:52 I know. I mean, like what's the worst part? What's going on? I can't. I mean, you sh*t your pants. It's a house where everything's broadcast all the time. There's no secrets. And how many, so how many of your personal experience, you

Starting point is 01:56:05 can't put your f*cking personal, well, that might be, you know, I'm not going to argue with him. You know, over an NDA, but that might be hard with the autism too, knowing exactly where, where what he can noise me to is like, you're the producer and you said, don't, don't talk about this. Like, bro, let him, he made your show. Let him f*cking talk about his personal experience. He's not giving away the, when he said he was autistic, that made a lot of sense after the first, because he was taking some questions

Starting point is 01:56:34 we were asking literally, and I was like, no, like he doesn't, you don't know what we mean. Like if it's like, okay, no, I get that. That's how he would answer that. That makes sense. Yeah, you gotta be really careful about interrupting them too. Yeah, right.

Starting point is 01:56:47 Normal person you get interrupted and they'll just keep talking. But like, Maddox, he interrupt him and he's like, I forgot. I totally have no idea what I was saying. Yeah, I guess. Well, he stayed on. Um, I'll stay on trying pretty well. Oh, wait, let's, this present here. Uh, t-t-t-t-t-t-t.

Starting point is 01:57:02 I already kind of opened it. This is from pop sculpture. I believe. I'll play a voice mail, I open it. Here we go. I gotta rage. It's the fact that I need to get prescription to get as a medicine.

Starting point is 01:57:24 Yeah. So I have to get prescription to get as a medicine. Yeah. So I have to go f*cking pay a doctor to money to basically say, oh yeah, you have asthma. Oh, here's your medication unless you breathe. Why can't I just go and buy it myself and be f*cking dumb with it? It makes no sense. Yeah, good question.

Starting point is 01:57:42 Yeah, a lot of times they make you check because only give you a certain number of refills. Well, I don't know. And then it's like, how's your breathing been, bad? Yeah. I need my asthma medicine. Yeah, still have asthma. All right, come on back. Yeah.

Starting point is 01:57:54 I don't want you to be able to tell when you're breathing, even though they ask you to give you, to give them your synopsis of how good your breathing is. Well, yeah, they can't tell. I mean, you know, the. So then what's their purpose? Because, like, if they're there to just ask you how your breathing is, it's like, I don't know to you going to the f*cking store and saying,

Starting point is 01:58:15 my breathing's bad. Give me the f*cking asthma. A lot of times with like, maybe it's, maybe it's under some kind of controlled substance law, which is a real roller backer. Yeah, which, yeah real motherf*cker. Yeah. So it's like, they can only, it's like, no, they have to see you every so many times. You can only get something filled, you know, once a month or something like that.

Starting point is 01:58:35 And then you have to go back and you have to get a new, or you have to get a new prescription every time for some control substance to these drugs to make other drugs. We don't want you to. We definitely can't have that. Right, right, right. And every time for some control, some of these drugs to make other drugs we don't want you to. We definitely can't have that. Right, right, right. Come on in. So we can tell you about your depression and it's made everything.

Starting point is 01:58:51 It's made everything super f*cking expensive. Well, one other, I mean, there's a million reasons why sh*t is super f*cking expensive, but okay. Here we go. This guy's a, I think he's dissatisfied on this one. Okay. Disadvantaged. I don't tell you what makes me afraid.

Starting point is 01:59:09 Sufferable artists like the one you just had on the last episode of your show. Okay. I don't, you know, in the group, it seemed to seem as a terrible, but he's been tired. Better than any of that. A-I-I-R, where he's like,

Starting point is 01:59:24 I'm afraid of it, you know, I'll have people come and don't give me like AI Generate stuff and they'll be like I want you to trust something like this and like what you even ask me if you're just wanting to Terace over this is like no you f*cking idiot. It's because this person who is AI generating stuff's dealt with any artist ever. Yeah, that's true. I make a art from these f*cking assholes. That's true. Three times in my entire life. Every time. I will give them seven paragraphs of exactly what I want. This is what this character needs to do.

Starting point is 01:59:56 In this scene, in whatever the thought, and they'll come back with something that is completely... Something totally nonsensical, yeah. No, that's not what I want to do but why didn't you focus on that before I just go but the bar can't read your mind well here you go here's your AI things that you know exactly

Starting point is 02:00:15 how you should put this character in this position but why you've been focusing on it? why you've been commissioning then? f*cking hit art is so much. These f*ckers on these Twitter artists that never stop bitching about everything. Anyway, go f*ck yourself. There, look at this. That's the sculpture from Pop's Cultures that they made.

Starting point is 02:00:39 That's great. It's a Shiny. I love it. 3D Shiny. I love it. Oh, hello. Did you know the f*cking jumbo shrimp? Is that a thing? Is actually a fish?

Starting point is 02:00:50 Why do I have a... Actually, a f*cking mammal? Why do I have your nephew's voice? Ha, ha, ha, ha. Bamboo. That's pretty cool. Yeah, that's right. Red and a little like good.

Starting point is 02:01:01 Things in the headphones. It makes it look like they're squishy. Got the hair thing going on. Yeah, hair, there you go. Yeah. Everyone gives you blonde hair. I know what, it probably looks lighter than it is. It has gotten lighter over the years. It used to be a darker brown, but it...

Starting point is 02:01:14 You lost your manliness, so it becomes like a woman, like a blonde. f*cking color goes away. Sadly. Probably looks brighter than it is. Pop sculpture made one for Vito too. Yeah. For his, you know, Vito's comic. It's super killer. Yeah. It's the hero has a sidekick that's a woman, right? And Vito like styled the woman after his, after his friend who died. Oh, sh*t. Yeah, so he's like, I don't know, a little bit like drawing her in there.

Starting point is 02:01:47 So the sculpture is of the friend who died. So I was doing this and I put it up. There was going like, oh, f*ck me, Vito. On the last video. It's probably... Jesus. It was pretty bad even for me. Uh, whoops.

Starting point is 02:02:03 I don't know because you still have standards. Yeah, I knew it was good when I was doing it. Okay, let's try this one, I guess. Okay. Hey, Dick, I'm just testing the intro here on, you know, this f*cking probably the biggest problem in the universe, the honest, would probably be this whole suit that you issue.

Starting point is 02:02:21 But you have got to have, I don't want to call it a medicine, but it's probably a little too, because they can be pretty f*cking hilarious. So this f*cking way I can't f*cking hear what he's saying. You know, not really the thorns too bad. I'm sorry, man. Try it again. Try it again. Okay. It's like you had to kind of buried in his shoulder or something. I was the one the other week who called in about the Lego freak out with the friends, whatever, something or another.

Starting point is 02:02:50 All right. I have to say, every time anyone brings up a decent argument about trans people, convincing children to chop their penises off, you miraculously start talking about the federal reserve and taxes. Guess what? I f*cking hate the Fed too, and I hate paying taxes. f*ck that sh*t. You know what else I hate? I hate trainees bringing washing kids into chopping their penises off.

Starting point is 02:03:19 Yeah. Just thought I'd run that past you. It's literally Sean. I mean, I guess you can hate more than one thing at a time. It's cool. No, you can't. You literally, like these people as a group, you can hate everyone. They can only hate one thing at a time.

Starting point is 02:03:33 Oh, okay. That's why Trump was so great. Like the wall, the wall, the wall, the wall. I can hate what we're doing is the wall. They can't. People can't. You as a person, you can hate everything. That's fine. But people, they could only hate one thing. Well, they have to concentrate. There's a big

Starting point is 02:03:50 hate and then there's some sub-hate. Yeah. And they can only hate the trans and the trans thing is just so f*cking dumb. Like, what are they? How many dicks are they trapped? They're top trapping off like 200 kid. What do we find? 300 kids are getting gentle mutilation surgery. Yeah, I know. I mean, I don't give a f*ck. Well, how many kids did drunk drivers killed? Oh, yeah. Okay, it's not that many, it's not a lot.

Starting point is 02:04:15 It's not a lot. And then what happens is, you get a bunch of people all pissed off about kids getting their dicks chopped off, not circumcision, by the way. Nobody's complaining about that. Some people, it's not all of them. They're mutilating generals, like circumcision, no, we're doing like cutting tit* off and stuff. They could all piss off and then they can't do anything about it because it's like, yeah, those f*cked up parents are doing that. Yeah. Like that's, it's like mass shootings. Everybody gets all upset, but there's just no way to stop it.

Starting point is 02:04:48 Like some lunatic is gonna grab a gun and go shooting. That you can't f*cking stop. Right. I was arguing with easy, no, no, no, no. Like what do you wanna do? Like take away all racist guns and any gun they could have access to. That's literally all the guns in America you can't stop it you just like stop no that's out of the stop and

Starting point is 02:05:10 system that we can just stop at first of all there's massive amounts of crime and bullsh*t so don't pretend like we're we've whittled it down to these couple of small impossible problems. We're gonna, the problems are f*cking ubiquitous. But then they get you all pissed off about a problem you can't solve. Mass shootings and trans sh*t. You can't solve f*cked up parents taking their kids to f*cking butchers and chopping their arms off. And all you can say is like, that is f*cked.

Starting point is 02:05:42 It's f*cked what you're doing there. It's f*cked. It's out of your control. But people don't like that though, because people want to feel in control, because it's scary to be out of control. This is what happens. They say, well, I need to do, I'm angry. I need to do something about it.

Starting point is 02:05:54 So they say, you know what? Yeah. Dylan Mulvaney was on Bud Light. Yeah. Like, well, that's just a gay guy on a, on six cans. Yeah, who they gave it to him only to put on his f*cking Instagram. Yeah. But that's like, that's the that's that's his free speech as a kid's little PR thing. And they get all pissed off and start just dumping all this energy. I know. So all I'm saying

Starting point is 02:06:16 is somewhere, f*cking scammed like all of these little diversions of like, well, look it, look it. It's like, um, and then I'm in the same way. You guys, you guys know how it works because you complain that the news does it. All they show is, all they show is this gun violence to vilify guns. Like, yeah, that's what's, that's what this trans shoot is about. They're just showing it to you.

Starting point is 02:06:36 Like, yeah, I hate, yeah, well, obviously, no one wants kids dicks getting cut off. Like that. They keep everybody in a constant state of outrage because it gets caught. The wrong thing, but people, but people fall for it. They do. Meanwhile, they're f*cking robbing the till. Yeah, he's huge. Meanwhile, you're out there fighting in front of the store and they're waving in Mexicans. Meanwhile, meanwhile, now the question is between our, well, what are we what are we giving reparations?

Starting point is 02:07:06 Are we giving a million dollars in reparations of black people? Are we giving a million dollars in social security and Medicaid to all the Mexicans that are coming in? That's our election. Just f*cking, just take a minute and look at what's happening. That's all I'm saying. Yeah. It's fun to laugh at. But if you're serious about it,

Starting point is 02:07:28 you're serious about something that is stupid. Your energy is best served somewhere else. f*ck those kids. Who f*cking cares? You're like, how much better do you think they're like, oh wow, we stopped those insane parents from doing butchering gender surgery on their child. Yeah.

Starting point is 02:07:43 So now their life's gonna be f*cking fantastic. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That was the parents only. I'm sure they're not f*cking pounding heroin in it. parents from doing butchering gender surgery on their child. So now their life's gonna be f*cking fantastic. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That was the parents only, I'm sure they're not f*cking pounding heroin in it. I guess I'm just the only person who just doesn't f*cking care what happens to people like who might as well be imaginary. Well, where's my f*cking money?

Starting point is 02:07:59 You can't control how parents are gonna raise their kids. You can't, you can't, you don't even care about it. If you, well that's probably healthy. I mean, it's, you can, okay, I wish, I wish that we didn't have sh*tty parents who create f*cked up chaos. You can go on to perpetuate the whole f*cking thing,

Starting point is 02:08:17 but you can't, I mean, you know, like control what you can control. Like one out of six or eight kids goes to bed hungry. So where's the, like, oh yeah, I'm sure the 200 kids getting their dicks chopped off. That really sucks, but millions of them are starving. Where is the, why is that not upsetting to you? Right. Right.

Starting point is 02:08:37 Right. Because we can care about more than one thing. We can care about more than, but all you can care about is shouting about the gay sh*t. But it's, but see, but it's always what's new and fresh. Ooh, yeah, this hot, the dick shopping off. Yeah, that's spicy, man. That's something new to get out to get a, have everybody has a f*cking, it's not that you can care about more than one thing.

Starting point is 02:08:56 You can't, I mean, can't. You can't, no, it's because all you want to do is care about things. You don't want to fix anything. Well, that's, yeah. It's like, I'm feeling bored. Give me something to care about. Well, you got the kids starving thing

Starting point is 02:09:08 and you got like step dads molesting kids. If you want to stop, if you want to protect kids, look for step dads. They're the ones molesting kids by and large and then it goes in the house. Everything else. That's true, yeah. That's what's happening.

Starting point is 02:09:21 You want to step, you want to protect kids? Go start f*cking policing step dads. I mean, not f*cking gay, not f*cking gay Transformers. That's funny. Yeah. But kids are looking at that and going, this sh*t is f*cking dumb. Yeah. That's f*cking gay. That's gay. Yeah. Yeah. Um, I'm, I'm smart. You're a dumb from Matilda. You remember that? No. Oh, you didn't see that with any Davido. No Matilda Matilda Yeah, it's a could be in a couple movies really Matilda with the anti-divido Yeah, he was Matilda the role tall

Starting point is 02:09:56 The little girl that like has mine powers. Oh, okay, that's a video is Matilda doll book. Oh, okay. He's got little pigtails No, I never saw it Not my demo. Hey Sean. Hey after years of trying to crack the code I finally found my girlfriend's woman knowledge gap You know, you get all the wars within ten years of each other. She's good on that. It's good wars within ten years of each other. It's good on that. It's good. Should it all the planets in order?

Starting point is 02:10:28 Oh, there's going to be something. So watching Gordon Ramsay or some sh*t the other day. And he's in Europe, he's in the UK. And he goes, and you've got to import this, you're really importing the sh*t from New Zealand. And she goes, well, why would that be a problem? Yeah, why? And I turn to her and I say, well, it's just like a fruit.

Starting point is 02:10:54 Where do you think the, where do you think New Zealand is? And she says, what is it? The UK's like four or five countries, right? Right around there. I didn't correct you. Right, draw it in the back. Just draw it out. Gotcha.

Starting point is 02:11:10 Where do you think New Zealand is? And then she's like, oh, well, I guess when you stand like that, I think you're right. She knows she found that. Right, isn't a lie. Is it by Australia? So I push, well, where do you think Australia is? Yes. Good. Okay. Good investigating. Very. I would not care about anything that's not.

Starting point is 02:11:34 See, very good investigating. I would have f*cked out up. I want to go. She must know us. She must know us. But they will f*cking do it. every time they can migrate up by the UK. Oh my friend. Together. This is that was very good. Very good. Climb over routine. My friend. Very good. Like you. You know what most of the states are they made us do it in like middle school or whatever. Why should I know? Why would I know? Stalling. I'm. You know, you don't bet because you're on the f*cking planet

Starting point is 02:12:08 yeah yeah so she got frustrated uh... I said I said something he's about what do you think UK is? and then this is the best part she goes well I know that Europe is like above Asia and like Japan is below Asia. And that's right, last night. Got the mind.

Starting point is 02:12:36 Yeah, yeah. Got the room. Go f*ck yourself, Dick. So we're just for sure. Bye-bye. Get out of my sight. So that's what you say. It's not like she never really gave an answer then. She has no idea. Bye. Get out of my side. So that's what you say. So like she never really gave an answer then.

Starting point is 02:12:46 She has no idea. Yeah. Just like a bunch of word balls, but she didn't want to commit. What do you think New Zealand is? Spice, Australia? Yeah. Okay. We think that is right.

Starting point is 02:12:56 Noone who knows who could possibly tell you who could possibly answer that. Very interesting. All right. Happy Mother's Day, everyone. See you follow John. I want to make fun of him, but he's such a nice genuine guy. No, I'm not making fun of him. I mean, there is interesting. I want his answers like I know because there's stuff he's clearly read a lot about stuff, but I'm not quite sure he can always parse what's real and what's

Starting point is 02:13:23 not, you know, I mean, I, I don't wanna say I wanna make fun of him. I wanna know more about what he's doing. Yeah, I just want him to explain, like tell me more about giants. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, absolutely. Pushing cars and parking lots.

Starting point is 02:13:36 That's amazing. Did you have you noticed the good workout? Have you noticed that autistic people have an obsession with controlling what's happening in their body? Yes. Like Chris the Kiwis on those crazy silver supplements and testosterone. And John's talking about like fluoride. They have this weird like obsession with their body. It's seen. They they like to know how stuff works a lot of the time. Yeah. They take toys apart. They if that kind of stuff, you know, it's like,

Starting point is 02:14:05 it's like, they're not running a, you know, given an RC car or something and take it apart. Yeah, it's supposed to running around like a car. It's like, well, how does this thing work? Yeah, let me see that. Oh, it was a Ting-Tang wall of all the Bing Bang song. That's what I was trying to think of. Oh, yeah. Goodbye, everybody. So yeah, thank you. That's what I was trying to think of. All right. Oh, yeah. Goodbye, everybody. See ya, thank you.

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The Dick Show - Episode 359 - Dick on Jon from Fishtank Transcript and Discussion (2024)


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