Ranch Roasted Red Potatoes Recipe | LaaLoosh (2024)

By Wendy Zitzman

Ranch Roasted Red Potatoes Recipe | LaaLoosh (1)

If you are looking for a quick and easy side dish recipe that tastes great and is low in points, then this ranch roasted red potatoes recipe will make you squeal with delight! It only requires a few ingredients, but you’ll be surprised at how amazingly yummy these potatoes turn out.

It’s a great, low-calorie potato recipe for any dieter. I make this dish for my family a LOT and they love it. Plus, these ranch roasted red potatoes go really well with a variety of main courses and are a great option if you need a fast weeknight meal side dish.

Ranch Roasted Red Potatoes Recipe | LaaLoosh (2)


This easy Ranch Roasted Red Potatoes recipe not only tastes amazing, but it’s a great accompaniment to a variety of meals. The pre-made Ranch Seasoning makes preparation a snap and adds fantastic flavor.

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Prep TimePrep Time 5 minutes mins

Cook TimeCook Time 25 minutes mins

Total TimeTotal Time 30 minutes mins

ServingsServings 4 servings

CaloriesCalories 115 kcal


  • 12 oz red potatoes - (washed and quartered)
  • 1 packet Ranch Dressing Dry Mix
  • Non-fat cooking spray
  • 1 tsp salt


  • Preheat oven to 425 degrees.

  • In a large bowl add potatoes and spray lightly with the cooking spray. Then, add in the Ranch mix and salt, and toss well to coat each potato piece evenly.

  • Spray a baking sheet with non stick cooking spray and spread out potatoes evenly on sheet.

  • Bake in oven until potatoes are cooked through, and edges start to turn very dark brown, approximately 20-25 minutes. Serve immediately.


Entire recipe makes 4 servings

Serving size is 1/4 of recipe, approx. 1/2 cup


Calories: 115 kcal (6%)Carbohydrates: 14 g (5%)Protein: 1.6 g (3%)Fat: 5.1 g (8%)Saturated Fat: 1 g (6%)Cholesterol: 0 mgSodium: 654 mg (28%)Potassium: 387 mg (11%)Fiber: 1.5 g (6%)Sugar: 0.9 g (1%)Calcium: 10 mg (1%)Iron: 0.5 mg (3%)

Tried this recipe?Let me know how it was!

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AuthorWendy Zitzman

As your average, every day, All American woman, I look forward to sharing with you my thoughts and ideas on many different topics that interest me such as dieting, health & fitness. Trust me when I tell you that this is one site you NEED to bookmark! I have the most amazing recipes with Weight Watchers Points that you won’t believe are low calorie! As an avid Weight Watchers follower, I have learned so many helpful tips and tools over the years that I am eager to share.

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    1. Beth7 years ago

      Do you think that you could prepare these and the next day you could cook them?

    2. Christine Titus7 years ago

      Simplicity at it’s best. Side dishes should be easy with very little fuss, and this one is just that. It’s one of the main reasons I love roasted potatoes so much. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil, and there’s easy clean up too!

    3. Sandy B8 years ago

      Even when I bump this up to 1 lb. of potatoes, I still get 2 points plus in the recipe builder 4 servings. Yum!

    4. Sandy B8 years ago

      Even when I bump this up to 1 lb. of potatoes, I still get 2 points plus in the recipe builder. Yum!

    5. D R Hill8 years ago

      There is no such thing as nonfat olive oil cooking spray. Olive oil cooking spray is 100% fat. The reason why the package labeling states that one serving is 0 grams of fat is because they are legally allowed to state that if the calorie count is less than calories per serving, the total calorie count can be listed as zero. The serving size is so small, so short that most of us would have a hard time actually spraying that little. Any amount of olive oil cooking spray will add fat to your dish. Especially when our spray size does not equal that that small short spray that is considered one serving shown on the package. Always oil cooking spray is definitely not in nonfat product. It is 100% fat.

    6. Sam9 years ago

      So I put this in my recipe builder on my Weight Watcher app and this is actually 7points a serving if you use 4 as the serving size. The serving size needs to be 12 to get two points. Please research more before making/posting a recipe.

      • Matt8 years ago

        When I put this into my WW recipe builder it is only 2 points a serving (4 servings total).

    7. angie merrick9 years ago

      This recipe sounds luscious. The only problem I have is that living in Australia, it’s tough finding dry salad dressing mixes. Can this be done using a ‘wet’ ranch dressing instead? Hope someone can help me!!!

    8. Danila9 years ago

      I was thinking if I could try this but replacing the olive oil for this virgin coconut oil that I just bought http://www.tiana-coconut.com/products/coconut-oil/. Do you think it will get the coconut taste?

      • Wendy ZitzmanPost Author9 years ago

        I LOVE coconut oil and try to use it wherever I can. But it DOES often leave a coconut taste. In this particular recipe I haven’t tried it, as I was afraid of that very scenario. What I would suggest is using avocado oil instead. It can tolerate high heats, and is a great substitute for coconut oil. But if you do try it with the coconut oil, please post back and let us know how it goes!

      • Heather9 years ago

        I make this all the time with coconut oil and it always taste great. The stuff I use is flavorless. I highly recommend it.

    9. Johnnie P10 years ago

      My family LOVES these potatoes! I make them once a week. I use more potatoes than what recipe calls for. (Enough to serve 6 instead of 4) that way the ranch is not as overwhelming! And that means we have left overs for breakfast the next day! Bonus!!!

    10. Lisa10 years ago

      I just wanted to say this is a great way to make an easy side! I’ve made these quite a few times and I keep forgetting to comment. (Even though no one has commented in quite a while. lol) Like another person said, I also had to cook mine longer, about 40 minutes depending on how big you cut your potatoes. And instead of spraying with cooking spray I just tossed the potatoes with a little olive oil and the ranch seasoning with a pinch of salt and pepper. This will help with them sticking as well as spraying your baking sheet and/or tin foil. It also spreads out the ranch seasoning for the people who thought they were too salty. :) Make sure to also try with spicy ranch seasoning. Soooo good!

    11. Elizabeth Frederick11 years ago

      Ok, just found this recipe on Pinterest(of course!), and was super excited to try it out…used 12oz potatoes, 1 bag of ranch mix, and 1 tsp of salt….so followed the recipe to the T, and it came out so salty we couldn’t eat it!!! :-( Any clue as to what may have gone wrong?

      • Becca10 years ago

        don’t use the salt :)

    12. LB11 years ago

      Made these tonight with taco seasoning… really spicy!! But easy and tasty. I did have ot cook mine longer, 40 minute or so.

    13. Nana_rules212 years ago

      I love the flavor of these potatoes but every time I make them they stick to the pan. I have sprayed the pan more every time but they still stick

      • Denise Hungerford12 years ago

        Use non stick tin foil. Works like a charm.

    14. Janet12 years ago

      We made these and I thought it was way too much seasoning on each piece of potato. I found the recipe on the Hidden Valley website and they say to use 2 pounds of potatoes so next time I will use more than 12 ounces.

    15. Photoqueen1312 years ago

      Man I can’t get enough of these potatoes!! I’ve made them twice in the past week! Thank you.

    16. Mich12 years ago

      I’d like to use up some of the regular baking potatoes I have at home. Do you think it’s ok to substitute?

      • LaaLooshPost Author12 years ago

        Mich, yes regular baking potatoes will be fine in this dish. Enjoy!

    17. moi13 years ago

      how many red potatoes are 12 oz

      • LaaLoosh13 years ago

        It depends on the size of the potatoes.

    18. Lindsey13 years ago

      i bought the spicy ranch kind and they WERE FABBBBBBBUUUULOUS!!! ok probably not how you spell it but it was!

    19. Beth13 years ago

      Such a great way to jazz up potatoes. They came out perfectly seasoned and it was so easy. This will definitely become one of my staple side dishes.

    20. Heidi K13 years ago

      Those ranch potatoes were so good! Very flavorful!

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    Ranch Roasted Red Potatoes Recipe | LaaLoosh (2024)


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    Parboil the Potatoes First

    Parboiling helps soften the potato insides before the roasting begins, so you won't be tempted to burn the outsides in exchange for less undercooked insides. Boil the potato chunks for eight to 10 minutes—they won't be fully cooked, but they'll be ready for the next step.

    Why do you soak potatoes before roasting? ›

    These tips are completely doable, actually pretty much fail-proof. SOAK your potato chunks in cold water. This removes some of the starch and helps get them super duper crispy. Soak them at least one hour.

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    In a video online, Gordon explained: “For crispy roast potatoes, you can depend on them, my tip is to parboil them, leave them to steam dry, then sprinkle them with semolina or flour, and then give them a good roughing up.”

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    Prepping the Red Potatoes for Roasting

    The potatoes are easy to prep; just a few quick steps: Scrub the potatoes or wash them well with water – There is no need to peel them – the skin is thin and waxy and provides a lot of flavor, so be sure to leave it on!

    Why are red potatoes better for roasting? ›

    Red potatoes are great for roasting, cooking in soups, or boiling or steaming for potato salad. The waxy nature of the flesh means they'll maintain their shape, but it also means they will get gluey when overworked, so you'll want to choose a different potato for mashing.

    What happens if you don't boil roast potatoes? ›

    You can, but you don't need to boil them first. Boiling them won't make them more crispy, but it will make them more tender. The best way to make them crispy is to boil them, then shallow fry them to dry and begin the browning process, then finish them off in the oven.

    What happens if you don't soak potatoes before baking? ›

    Soaking potatoes in water helps remove excess starch. Excess starch can inhibit the potatoes from cooking evenly as well as creating a gummy or sticky texture on the outside of your potatoes. Cold water is used because hot water would react with the starch activating it, making it harder to separate from the potatoes.

    What happens if you don't soak potatoes in water? ›

    "Placing [peeled and cut] potatoes in water helps prevent oxidation, which turns their exposed flesh brown," says Ronna Welsh, the author of The Nimble Cook and the owner and chef instructor at Purple Kale Kitchenworks in Brooklyn, N.Y. While oxidation won't make the potatoes unsafe to eat, it does change their flavor.

    Is it better to roast potatoes on parchment paper or aluminum foil? ›

    Use parchment paper– non stick foil, or baking sheets will not do the trick. Parchment paper allows the potatoes to roast without sticking! Evenly spread out the potatoes – Don't stack them on top of one another – spread your potatoes out on the baking sheet and try not to overcrowd them.

    What type of potato is best for roast potatoes? ›

    While all sorts of potatoes are delicious when roasted in the oven, Yukon Gold potatoes are arguably the best potatoes for roasting for many reasons. Yukon Gold potatoes have the perfect amount of starch, which means they soften well in the oven, while their partially waxy texture helps them maintain their shape.

    What are the best tasting potatoes for roasting? ›

    Yukon Golds fall right in the middle of the spectrum.

    This is the real beauty of the Yukon Gold, what makes them the best potatoes for roasting. The crisp. The creaminess. The texture.

    Should I rub potatoes with oil before baking? ›

    Adding oil to potatoes before baking is perfectly fine, just a personal preference. Without oil the Idaho russet skin bakes up crispy, with oil the skin will carry a lot of the flavor of the oil so some people have a preference for using olive oil or peanut oil.

    Should you wash red potatoes before roasting? ›

    Potatoes should be cooked soon after they are washed since bacteria can gather on wet potatoes when stored for extended periods of time. "It's best to wash just before you cook, but they're probably fine to wash up to 24 hours before cooking," says Fields White.

    What are red potatoes best for? ›

    Red (aka New)

    These waxy potatoes are the darlings of the salad set because they look great, keep their shape, and offer a creamy texture. They're low in starch and high in moisture so they're perfect when boiled or roasted.

    Are you supposed to boil potatoes before baking them? ›

    No. Don't boil your potatoes before baking them. A boiled potato is a completely different animal than a baked potato. Even if you are cutting up a potato and roasting it in herbs and olive oil, boiling the potato first is completely unnecessary.

    What's the point of parboiling potatoes? ›

    It involves the process of boiling potatoes until they are partially cooked, but not all the way. Parboiling potatoes allows you to get crispy roasted potatoes that have a nice crust on the outside while being soft on the inside.

    Do you always have to boil potatoes before cooking? ›

    You'll want to boil potatoes any time you don't want them to dry out (as they can when baked in the oven).

    How long should I parboil my potatoes? ›

    A general rule of thumb is to parboil potatoes until they are fork-tender but not falling apart, this can range anywhere from 15 minutes for small potatoes to 25-30 minutes for large whole potatoes.


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