🏅 Pokemon This Gym of Mine: Free Download (4.2.3) & Guide (2024)

In the imaginative world of Pokémon, the Pokémon This Gym of Mine stands as a beacon of challenge and adventure. Nestled in a quaint, verdant valley, this gym attracts trainers from all corners of the Pokémon universe, eager to test their skills and fortify their bonds with their Pokémon.

Pokemon This Gym of Mine

Game:Pokemon This Gym of Mine
Release Year:2023
Last Updated:Junee (2023)

Download Pokemon This Gym of Mine

To experience Pokemon This Gym of Mine, players must download its ROM. It’s crucial to source the ROM from a reputable website to avoid corrupted files or malware. A compatible emulator is also necessary to play the game on a computer or mobile device:

Game:Pokemon This Gym of Mine
Release Year:2023
Last Updated:Junee (2023)

Pokemons This Gym of Mine Startes


The Pokédex in Pokemon This Gym of Mine is expansive, featuring a wide array of Pokémon from various generations. This diversity allows players to encounter and capture a unique mix of Pokémon not typically found together in the original Emerald game.


TypeSignature MoveStarter IStarter IIStarter III
BugX-ScissorDwebble (Impish Nature/Sturdy)

“A bulky Bug-type that can deal with most of the type’s normal weaknesses.”

Scyther (Jolly Nature/Technician)

“A swift slasher that can rack up damage in the blink of an eye.”

Larvesta (Timid Nature/Flame Body)

“A rare Pokemon that is hard to use at first.”

DarkDark PulseSneasel (Adamant Nature/Inner Focus)

“A quick and agile fighter. Great for ending battles fast.”

Stunky (Impish Nature/Aftermath)

“It only has one weakness, preventing weaknesses from overlapping.”

Houndour (Timid Nature/Flash Fire)

“A special-oriented Dark-type that can devastate an unprepared foe.”

DragonDragon ClawBagon (Naive Nature/Rock Head)

“A Powerhouse of a Pokemon.”

Gible (Jolly Nature/Sand Veil)

“A powerful Pokemon with a strong offensive presence.”

Deino (Naive Nature/Hustle)

“A powerful Pokemon that takes an eternity to evolve.”

ElectricThunderboltPichu (Naive Nature/Static)

“A hard Pokemon to start off with. Recommended for someone looking for a challenge.”

Shinx (Jolly Nature/Intimidate)

“A physically-oriented Electric-type. A different fighting style compared to most Electric Pokemon.”

Joltik (Modest Nature/Compound Eyes)

“An Electric-type with an interesting gimmick.”

FairyDazzling GleamRalts (Bold Nature/Synchronize) (♀ Only)

“A special-oriented pokemon that is simple to use.”

Togepi (Bold Nature/Serene Grace)

“A rare Pokemon that is incredibly hard to use, recommended for experienced Trainers.”

Cleffa (Hardy Nature/Magic Guard)

“A challenging Pokemon to raise, but manageable for those familiar with it.”

FightingBrick BreakRiolu (Naive Nature/Inner Focus)

“A young Pokemon that can evolve fast if you take good care of it.”

Tyrogue (Jolly Nature/Guts)

“Versatility is this Pokemon’s specialty. What it becomes depends on you.”

Makuhita (Impish Nature/Thick Fat)

“With a ton of health, this little pokemon can be hard to defeat quickly.”

FireFlamethrowerGrowlithe (Naive Nature/Intimidate)

“A nice choice for any Trainer. A well-rounded Pokemon with no strategy it can’t do at least decently.”

Vulpix (Bold Nature/Flash Fire)

“A Pokemon with more of a focus towards defense. Its tricky moveset is ideal for more strategic Trainers.”

Magby (Brave Nature/Flame Body)

“A straight-forward Pokemon, it has a powerful offensive presence as it grows.”

FlyingAcrobaticsGligar (Careful Nature/Hyper Cutter)

“A great compliment to any Flying-type user’s party.”

Doduo (Jolly Nature/Early Bird)

“This Pokemon is all about getting the first blow.”

Noibat (Modest Nature/Infiltrator)

“A special-oriented Pokemon. Great for experienced trainers.”

GhostShadow BallMisdreavus (Bold Nature/Levitate)

“A tricky Pokemon that’s more about putting opponents in a bind than directly fighting.”

Duskull (Adamant Nature/Levitate)

“A bulky Pokemon with very limited health.”

Drifloon (Hardy Nature/Unburden)

“A health-oriented tank that can play team-support or other roles.”

GrassEnergy BallCottonee (Bold Nature/Prankster)

“A Grass-type with a focus on support.”

*Not selectable as of v.4.2.1

Cherubi (Bold Nature/Chlorophyll)

“A Pokemon that is honestly hard to start with. Best used by an experienced Trainer.”

*Not selectable as of v.4.2.1

Petilil (Timid Nature/Own Tempo)

“A Special Attack-oriented Pokemon with an interesting gimmick.”

GroundEarthquakeHippopotas (Impish Nature/Sand Stream)

“Immediately kicks up a sandstorm on entry. Good for Ground and Rock-type Pokemon.”

Diglett (Adamant Nature/Arena Trap)

“This Pokemon is at its best when used to trap and finish off opponents.”

Phanpy (Impish Nature/Pickup)

“A Pokemon that can take a hit and give one back with ease.”

IceIce BeamSwinub (Jolly Nature/Oblivious)

“A bulky Pokemon that can dish out damage if used correctly.”

Bergmite (Impish Nature/Own Tempo)

“A physical threat that fares poorly against special-oriented foes.”

Lapras (Bold Nature/Shell Armor)

“A rare Pokemon that takes a skilled Trainer to bring out its full potential.”

NormalReturnEevee (Hardy Nature/Adaptability)

“This Pokemon can be anything you desire. Just be wary when evolving it.”

Munchlax (Impish Nature/Thick Fat)

“A bit of a pain to train early on, but it could be worth it.”

Kangaskhan (Impish Nature/Scrappy)

“A powerhouse of a Pokemon, but it may struggle to keep up later on down the line.”

PoisonPoison JabNidoran Male (Impish Nature/Poison Point)

“An Pokemon geared towards offense.”

Nidoran Female (Jolly Nature/Poison Point)

“A Pokemon geared towards defense.”

Skourpi (Impish Nature/Battle Armor)

“A rather basic Poison-type that become vicious in the right hands.”

PsychicPsychicSolosis (Bold Nature/Magic Guard)

“A bulky Psychic type that can resist passive damage.”

Sigilyph (Timid Nature/Magic Guard)

“A unique Pokemon with a unique gimmick.”

Bronzor (Quiet Nature/Levitate)

“A tanky Pokemon that withstand one of its weaknesses.”

RockRock SlideOnix (Impish Nature/Sturdy)

“A tank that can withstand any physical blow.”

Ryhorn (Impish Nature/Rock Head)

“A bulky Pokemon that is all about heavy blows.”

Aerodactyl (Jolly Nature/Rock Head)

“Not as tanky as other Rock-types, but much better [at] dealing damage.”

SteelFlash CannonShieldon (Impish Nature/Sturdy)

“A tank that can’t do much damage, but makes up for it with insane defenses.”

Ferroseed (Impish Nature/Iron Barbs)

“A setup-oriented tank with only one, but devastating weakness.”

Aron (Impish Nature/Rock Head)

“A physical threat that cannot handle special attacks well.”

WaterScaldBuizel (Naive Nature/Swift Swim)

“A Water-type that is more physically oriented than its peers.”

Horsea (Hardy Nature/Sniper)

“An astonishingly balanced Pokemon. With no absolutely horrible area.”

Chinchou (Bold Nature/Volt Absorb)

“An interesting, but bulky Water-type. A great choice for a Water-type Pokemon Trainer.”

🏅 Pokemon This Gym of Mine: Free Download (4.2.3) & Guide (2)

TMs List and Location in Pokemon Gym of Mine

Technical Machines (TMs) in Pokémon This Gym of Mine are scattered across different locations. The game tweaks the availability and placement of TMs, often requiring players to explore more thoroughly or complete challenging tasks to obtain them.

Here is the list of TMs that can currently be found in the game as well their locations:

TMs List

Available to All Gyms
TM/TR #NameLocation
TM03Fire PunchUmbal City Mall
TM04Ice PunchUmbal City Mall
TM05Thunder PunchUmbal City Mall
TM08Hyper BeamUmbal City Mall
TM09Giga ImpactUmbal City Mall
TM17Light ScreenUmbal City Mall
TM18ReflectUmbal City Mall
TM25ProtectUmbal City Mall
TM32SandstormUmbal City Mall
TM33Rain DanceUmbal City Mall
TM34Sunny DayUmbal City Mall
TM46Weather BallUmbal City Mall
TM70Trick RoomUmbal City Mall
TR00Swords DanceOpulence City Record Shop
TR01Body SlamOpulence City Record Shop
TR03Hydro PumpOpulence City Record Shop
TR07Low KickOpulence City Record Shop
TR13Focus EnergyOpulence City Record Shop
TR14MetronomeOpulence City Record Shop
TR18Leech LifeOpulence City Record Shop
TR19Tri AttackOpulence City Record Shop
TR21ReversalOpulence City Record Shop
TR24OutrageOpulence City Record Shop
TR25PsyshockOpulence City Record Shop
TR28MegahornOpulence City Record Shop
TR31Iron TailOpulence City Record Shop
TR32CrunchOpulence City Record Shop
TR36Heat WaveOpulence City Record Shop
TR39SuperpowerOpulence City Record Shop
TR41Blaze KickOpulence City Record Shop
TR50Leaf BladeOpulence City Record Shop
TR53Close CombatOpulence City Record Shop
TR55Flare BlitzOpulence City Record Shop
TR56Aura SphereOpulence City Record Shop
TR64Focus BlastOpulence City Record Shop
TR73Gunk ShotOpulence City Record Shop
TR78Sludge WaveOpulence City Record Shop

🏅 Pokemon This Gym of Mine: Free Download (4.2.3) & Guide (3)

Gens Involve in Pokemon This Gym of Mine

This gym is celebrated for its multi-generational approach, featuring Pokémon from the classic first generation to the latest. Trainers face a wide array of challenges, testing their adaptability and knowledge across all Pokémon types. The gym’s interior is a dynamic maze of environments, each tailored to different generation characteristics, from the nostalgic settings of Kanto to the advanced technological arenas inspired by Galar.

🏅 Pokemon This Gym of Mine: Free Download (4.2.3) & Guide (4)

The Gym Leader, an esteemed figure known for their profound knowledge of Pokémon evolution, skillfully rotates their team across generations, ensuring a comprehensive and thrilling battle experience.

Pokemon This Gym of Mine Wiki

The Pokémon Gym of Mine is a celebrated institution in the Pokémon universe, known for its innovative approach to Pokémon battles and training. Located in a bustling metropolis that blends urban charm with natural beauty, the gym stands as a symbol of excellence and challenge in the Pokémon world.The Gym Leader of Pokémon Gym of Mine is renowned for their exceptional skill and deep understanding of Pokémon abilities. They are not only a formidable opponent in battle but also a mentor, inspiring trainers to reach their full potential.

🏅 Pokemon This Gym of Mine: Free Download (4.2.3) & Guide (5)

This gym is distinguished by its state-of-the-art facilities, which include advanced battle arenas and comprehensive training areas. These arenas are equipped with the latest technology, allowing for varied battle conditions and environments.

What is Pokemon This Gym of Mine ?

The Pokémon Gym of Mine is a fictional creation in the Pokémon universe, embodying the essence of challenge and growth inherent in the Pokémon series. It’s not just a gym, but a symbol of the journey every Pokémon trainer undertakes.Located in a vibrant and diverse landscape, this gym stands out with its unique architecture, blending elements from various regions in the Pokémon world. It’s a place where trainers from all walks of life converge, bringing together a rich tapestry of strategies, skills, and Pokémon.

🏅 Pokemon This Gym of Mine: Free Download (4.2.3) & Guide (6)

Inside, the gym is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, providing trainers and their Pokémon with a range of environments to test their abilities. The Gym Leader, a master of strategy and a mentor figure, offers battles that are not just tests of strength but lessons in teamwork, perseverance, and strategy.

Regions on Pokemon This Gym of Mine: Maps

This unique gaming experience rejuvenates the classic Pokémon universe by integrating the new region, never seen before which guarantees you a totally new experience.

🏅 Pokemon This Gym of Mine: Free Download (4.2.3) & Guide (7)

Best Pokemons Type on Pokemon This Gym of Mine

Do you want a competitive approach? Do you want to be the best at Pokemon This Gym of Mine? Here we have located some of the best pokemons on this game, whether due to their set of skills, or the sum of their stats, the following ´mons are some of the recommendations that we offer so that you can take your game to another level.

Ice🏅 Pokemon This Gym of Mine: Free Download (4.2.3) & Guide (8)
Dragon🏅 Pokemon This Gym of Mine: Free Download (4.2.3) & Guide (9)


🏅 Pokemon This Gym of Mine: Free Download (4.2.3) & Guide (10)
Dark🏅 Pokemon This Gym of Mine: Free Download (4.2.3) & Guide (11)

Customized Gameplay ( Randomizer, Nuzlocke, Etc)

In the world of Pokémon, the Pokémon Gym of Mine represents a pinnacle of customization and personalization. This gym, a conceptual entity within the Pokémon universe, is notable for its unparalleled adaptability to both trainer and Pokémon needs.

Unique to this gym is its revolutionary design, allowing trainers to tailor the gym’s environment and battle conditions to their preferences. From adjustable terrains mimicking different natural habitats to climate control systems for creating specific weather conditions, this gym offers an immersive and varied battle experience.

🏅 Pokemon This Gym of Mine: Free Download (4.2.3) & Guide (12)

The Gym Leader at Pokémon Gym of Mine also embodies this spirit of customization. They adeptly adjust their team and strategy based on their challenger, ensuring a unique and fair battle every time. This level of customization extends to training programs offered at the gym, which are personalized to cater to the specific growth and development needs of each Pokémon.

Pokemon This Gym of Mine Walkthrough

Discuss how these changes influence the overall gameplay experience, strategy formulation, and team building in This Gym of Mine. Highlight the creative and strategic opportunities these modifications present to players.

Join us on this exciting journey and master Pokemon This Gym of Mine with ease. Start your adventure now and discover the wonders of been a Gym Leader!.

Pokemon This Gym of Mine Discord Community

Join the largest Pokemon This Gym of Mine community in the world, you will be able to learn, new Metas, the latest updates, friends, bugs, and everything related to the world of Pokemon.🏅 Pokemon This Gym of Mine: Free Download (4.2.3) & Guide (13)

  • Pokemon Fire Ash
  • Pokemon Unbound
  • Pokemon Tectonic
  • Pokemon Voyager
  • Pokemon Soulstones
  • Pokémon Uranium
🏅 Pokemon This Gym of Mine: Free Download (4.2.3) & Guide (2024)


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