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    Internet Banking offers ‘anywhere’ banking round the clock to the customers. This facilitate customers to avail various Banking services (Enquiry, Account opening / closure, Chequebook, fund transfer, online Tax & Utility services payments etc.) without visiting Branch, at any place at the click of mouse button. Our website is integrated with various Government website to facilitate e-payments like Payment of GST, Indirect Taxes (Excise and Service Tax), Direct Taxes, and Online License Fee payment of Directorate General of Foreign Trade etc.

    1. Retail Customers: This facility known as Personal Internet banking is for all Individuals to operate their accounts online. The following variants are available.
      • View only facility: Here only account enquiry related facilities are enabled without any transaction facility.
      • View and online payment: Here view and online tax and bill payments facility is available.
      • Full Transaction rights: Here all fund transfers and enquiry facility is available.
    2. Business Customers: Keeping in view the Business needs the facility known as Corporate Internet banking is designed for our Business customer to run their business easily. This facility offers features such as maker/checker, Bulk upload etc.
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  • To register for Internet Banking:

    • Download the Application form (Click here)
    • Fill up the form and submit to the home Branch
    • After Branch enables Internet banking Facility visit Bank Internet banking website: to generate online login password in 3 simple steps:

    Step 1

    Retail customers can login to the Internet Banking website through the Personal Internet Banking link.

    Step 2

    Enter the user id (CIF) and additional authentication details :

    Step 3

    Enter registered mobile number and click on generate to receive the one time password. Using the OTP set a new password immediately.

    • Generate Transaction password after login using the link Options – Transaction Password generation, and start using our services.
  • The following facilities are available through our Bank’s Internet banking and we are continuously adding more services:

    1. Online deposit account opening
    2. Fund Transfer: Own account, within Bank, Other Bank through NEFT/RTGS/IMPS
    3. Tax payments
    4. Online payment of Bills / recharges / fee etc.
    5. Online application of IPO using ASBA
    6. DeMAT enquiry
    7. Online Aadhar registration
    8. Multi utility fee collection
    9. E-Filing of ITR returns
    10. Transaction profile setting (Limits on services and beneficiaries) to secure transactions.
    11. NEFT/IMPS/RTGS transfers
    12. Hotlisting / Control of ATM Cards
    13. Online Locker request
    14. Registration for PMJBY / PMSBY
    15. Registration for Atal pension yojna.
    16. PMNRF Donation
    17. Cheque book Request
    18. Stop Cheque request
    19. Sai Baba Donation
    1. For Internet Banking website, https (256 bits Secure Socket Layer) is implemented to encrypt the data during communication.
    2. SSL certificate is having extended validation to authenticate our Internet Banking web site.
    3. Virtual Keyboards are available to enter password on Internet Banking website.
    4. GRID Card/Digital signature certificate/OTP as a second level of authentication is available for doing transactions.
    5. Registered Mobile number can’t be viewed in customer profile through Internet Banking.
    6. Regular security audits and checks are performed on the website.
    7. Customer Awareness through security tips to avoid phishing is given to customers at the Internet Banking before log-in screen.
    8. SMS alerts are being sent to Internet Banking customers as a caution against phishing attacks.
    9. User profile limit setting like transaction amount per beneficiary, transaction limit for services is present.
    10. Security question as another level of authentication for change in transaction behavior.
    11. Locking of passwords after three wrong attempts by the user.
    12. Account number selection and facility to convert an account to view only.
  • What is Internet Banking ?

    Internet Banking is Banking services offered through a website for the registered customers of our Bank.

    What is the Internet Banking website of Central Bank of India ?

    Internet Banking services are available through

    What are the Types of Internet Banking services available for MSME through the website ?

    For Proprietorship concerns the facility of personal Internet banking is available. This facility is available in three options (View only, Tax payment only, full transactions rights) For all other Business relationships the facility of Corporate Internet banking is available. This facility is available in 3 modes (View only, Tax Payment only, full transaction rights)

    How are the 2 INB services different ?

    The Personal internet Banking is operated by a single individual wherein all transactions are authenticated using his Transaction password and second factor of authentication (GRID /OTP / Digital Signature). The Corporate Internet Banking can be configured for use by multiple users configured under different roles such as maker, checker etc.

    Retail customers can login to the Internet Banking website through the Personal Internet Banking link.

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    The transaction amount for the personal Users are as follows

    Corporate Internet Banking
    Central Bank offers the net banking facility for the corporate customers also.
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    How to register for this facility ?

    Presently the registration is available through the Branches only based on the application form. The Branch configures the facility for the customer and provide the user ID. After configuration of the facility the customer can generate password online and start using the facility. After configuration the customer can use the facility in self-service mode thereby reducing the dependency on the Branch.

    1. Personal customers need to enter the user id(CIF) and registered mobile number

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    2. Corporate customers are required to enter the Corporate ID(Non personal CIF), personal CIF and the registered mobile number

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    What are the facilities on Personal INB ?

    The Internet Banking services are available in 11 Regional Languages in addition to English and Hindi. It has 45 services and more than 140 functionality which meets the needs of Retail and Corporate Customers. Some of the important services on personal Internet Banking are:

    1. Check account Balance and Download account statement. Facility to generate customised account statement is a special feature wherein the customer can select desired fields to be included in the generated account statement.
    2. Tax payments
    3. Online application of IPO
    4. Online Aadhar registration
    5. Online payment of credit cards
    6. Multi utility fee collection
    7. E-Filing of ITR returns
    8. Transaction profile setting
    9. Term deposit account modeling & opening
    10. DeMAT enquiry
    11. Fund Transfer: Own account, within Bank, Other Bank through NEFT/RTGS/IMPSl
    12. Hotlisting of ATM Cards
    13. Online Locker request
    14. Registration for PMJBY / PMSBY
    15. Registration for Atal pension yojna.
    16. PMNRF Donation
    17. Cheque book Request
    18. Stop Cheque request
    19. Donation

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    Corporate INB:

    Some important features:

    • Configurable as per the Customer’s Organizational design
    • Fund transfer to own accounts and other CBI/Non-CBI accounts
    • TAX / Utility Bill Payment like electricity, recharge etc.
    • Beneficiary search option from large number of beneficiaries added
    • Bulk Beneficiary creation/Bulk Beneficiary deletion
    • Bulk file upload for other CBI and NEFT transactions
    • Digital Signature as secured second factor authentication
    • Check Balance and Account statement
    • Pay EPF contribution for your organization
    • Feature for Government Treasury to make payment through file upload
    • Facility to generate customised account statement.
    How secure is the Internet Banking ?

    The Internet Banking facility is hosted on servers which are kept in Bank’s Data center. The connection between customer computer and website is secured and encrypted. Any transaction is authenticated using at least 2 factors of authentication I,e User ID + Password and one of the chosen second factor (such as OTP / GRID Card / Digital Signature), at times on finding some change in customer usage pattern another authentication in form of security question may be asked by the system. Further any fund transfer outside Bank is possible only after beneficiary addition which becomes active after a cooling period of 4 hours. SMS alerts for all transactions are sent to the registered mobile number. The customer can convert accounts to view only in case of any issue.

    Can I use Internet Banking in foreign country / areas where receiving SMS is a challenge ?

    Yes Internet Banking transactions can be authenticated using alternate options such as GRID / OTP on e-mail / Digital Signatures.

    What are the minimum system requirement for accessing Internet Banking ?

    The INB website can be accessed on any desktop or Laptop with browser such as Internet Explorer – 11, Chrome – 30 & above, Mozilla – 27 & above, Safari – 5 & above. There should be decent internet connection available on the desktop / laptop.

    How can I lock the facility ?

    The INB facility is locked on three wrong attempts, hence customer can lock the facility himself and unlock it by generating online password.

As a seasoned expert in the field of banking and financial technology, I bring extensive knowledge and hands-on experience to provide insights into the concepts mentioned in the article.

Internet Banking: Internet Banking refers to the provision of banking services through a website, allowing registered customers to perform various financial transactions and inquiries online.

Mobile Banking: While not explicitly mentioned in the article, Mobile Banking is a service that enables users to perform banking activities through their mobile devices, providing similar functionalities as Internet Banking on a computer.

CentPay Debit Card: The article doesn't delve into specific details about CentPay Debit Card. However, it's implied that the bank offers debit card services, likely linked to the customers' accounts for convenient transactions.

Credit Card: Similar to debit cards, credit cards are likely offered by the bank, allowing customers to make purchases on credit with a predetermined limit.

FASTag: FASTag is an electronic toll collection system used on toll booths, making toll payments seamless. The article doesn't explicitly mention it, but the bank may offer services related to FASTag.

Loan EMI Calculator: The bank provides a Loan EMI Calculator, a tool allowing customers to estimate their monthly loan repayments based on loan amount, interest rate, and tenure.

Recruitment: The article mentions recruitment, indicating that the bank is involved in hiring processes, possibly for staffing positions within the bank.

Download-Forms: Customers can download various forms related to banking services through the bank's website for activities like account opening, loan applications, etc.

WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube: These social media platforms are likely channels through which the bank communicates with customers, provides updates, and offers customer support.

Android-App, iOS-App: The bank has developed mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms, allowing customers to access banking services through dedicated apps.

Security Features: The article emphasizes the security features of Internet Banking, including SSL encryption, extended validation, virtual keyboards, second-level authentication (GRID Card/Digital signature/OTP), regular security audits, and customer awareness tips to prevent phishing.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions): A section is dedicated to answering common queries that customers may have about Internet Banking, demonstrating the bank's commitment to customer education and support.

In summary, the Central Bank of India offers a comprehensive suite of banking services through Internet Banking and extends its reach through mobile applications and various digital platforms, emphasizing security and customer convenience. The bank caters to both individual and business customers, providing a range of services from basic account inquiries to complex fund transfers and online payments.

Internet Banking | Central Bank of India (2024)


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